Mobile attendance application provider in India

mobile attendance app provider in India 

Ample trails Indias best mobile attendance tracking solution provider. Mobile Attendance Application is an Artificial Intelligence-based mobile app that compares the face of an employee with the official records. The Mobile Attendance app marks a worker’s attendance only when the said employee’s face matches his or her profile and details.

Mobile attendance application Feature.

Touch-free attendance
Real-time employee tracking
Use a Mobile Application with Face Recognition
Leave management on the App itself
Unlimited users and unlimited transactions
Seamless Integration with HRMS
Plans starting as low as INR 20 per user per month

App for attendance and monitoring system

Face Recognition
Simply use on multiple platforms
Support Android phone
Support iOS gadgets
Check-In and Check-Out Via Mobile
Leave Application
GPS Based Location
Biometric Attendance
Real-time attendance tracking
No requirement for an extra device or technician to use the app.

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