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5 Components of A Good Housing Society that Attract Investors

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According to the study, most people will live in urban areas by 2050. It simply means that cities must evolve in such a way that everyone can live in peace and have access to fundamental necessities of life. Everyone can see how regulating the flow of people towards urban areas is becoming increasingly tough, mainly for the government. So, the need to build smart housing societies to make urban areas liveable is necessary.

Surprisingly, not only developed countries are taking steps to modernize everything with the help of technology. Even developing countries like Pakistan are trying their best to improve the living standard of people. Several housing societies in Pakistan are providing standard facilities to the residents. Furthermore, recently a very good initiative was taken by Habib Rafiq Group Pvt Ltd and Future Development Holdings Pvt Ltd, as they announced the Lahore smart city in Pakistan after the success of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

What is a Housing Society?

It is the question asked by many, as people are not very much aware of this word. The housing society is the major development happening in urban areas that allow people to live in peace away from the hassle. 

Now it is not easy to build housing societies, as it requires strong leadership with a long-term vision and committed people for this cause. It is not a one-man show, as multiple consultants. private firms and agencies keep a close eye on the development of the project.

These are the kind of projects that even attract many investors. Further in the article, we will discuss the attributes of a housing society that attract investors the most.

Attributes of A Safe and Secure Housing Society:

The factors that made housing societies fascinating to the buyer or investors are:

  •         Approved by authority  
  •         Suitable instalment plans and competitive rates
  •         Modern amenities and resources
  •         Fully secured / gated community
  •         Classic architect

Approved by Authority  

The most important feature of good societies is that they are approved by concerned authorities. Because approval simply means that the buyer or investors don’t have to worry about fraud and scams.

Suitable Installment Plans and Competitive Rates

The real estate market is vast and complex. A newbie cannot understand the terms and policies within a few days. They need the assistance or consultation of professionals, to stay on the right path. The goal of modern housing societies is that people don’t feel a need to get a consultation from someone. The installment plans they introduce are for everyone. Mainly, in a society there are categories. An investor, according to their budget, can decide which installment plan is the best for them.

(The buyer gets an option to pay the huge amount within a specific period in installments)

Modern Amenities and Resources

Housing societies are trying to provide luxurious and modern facilities. Each housing society has a personal electrical supply to avoid load shedding issues, and up-to-date security system for the safety of residents, proper gas and water supply, sports complexes, parks, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, mosques, and much more. All this doesn’t come cheap. But all these are the reasons investors prefer to buy property in such areas. 

Even the developers make sure the housing society remains eco-friendly. It is something that enhances the beauty and makes the living experience pollution-free.

Fully Secured / Gated Community

The other prime factor that attracts many towards the housing societies is security. Criminals cannot do an unusual activity as guards are present at each gate of the society 24/7. Whenever someone tries to enter society, they check them thoroughly, even ask where they want to go and for what purpose. CCTV cameras are installed everywhere that are monitored by professionals. Lastly, society is surrounded by walls or fences.

All of this contributes significantly to reducing traffic within societies, making them safer for children.      

Classic Architect

Along with all the facilities discussed above, the housing society’s infrastructure is also exceptional. The unique architect catches the attention of the buyers pretty quickly. The roads are wide and well-built. you won’t see a jungle of wires above as everything is underground. The sewerage and sanitation system is the finest. You will never see a pool of water standing in the corner of the road, even after heavy rain. The water reservoirs are also there to store rainwater. Each building has its own parking space and a green belt can be seen around.

In short, each aspect of modern society is near-perfect, which attracts investors and, as a result, helps to boost the economy.


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