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Logistics and Supply Chain Management – How Can it Benefit your Business Manifold?

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Have you heard of the term logistics and Supply chain management? Of course, you have and that is why you are here. As a starter, you must have been told various things about it.

Surely, we understand people must have made you confused. But congratulations as you are here now! We’ll have a detailed discussion on the same to get you hold of it.

We would be providing you with clear and accurate information regarding logistics and supply chain managements.

For those who are confused, irritated and messed up with false information, now is your turn to gather the right knowledge that is needed indeed to start working on it. So here you go!

What is Logistics and Supply Chain Managements?

Instead of all, we would like to “pat your back” as you did a great job rushing up to here. With all that information, you would have ended up getting stuck in the wrong situation.

However, here you would come to know everything about logistics and supply chain management.

Any guesses what they could be?

The Definition of Logistics

Well, we can define logistics as delivering products so that they reach the right customer in the right quantity, time and location.

What does it do?

The main activities involved in this include packaging, distributing, warehousing, and more.

The Definition of Supply Chain Management

On the other hand, supply chain management can be defined as a network where organizations work together in managing the flow of goods and services.

What does it do?

It basically involves the process of transforming raw materials into finished products that offer value.

The main activities involved in this includes financing, developing new products, offering customer services and more.

How Does Logistics Differ From Supply Chain Management?

Now you must be wondering what is the difference between logistics and supply chain managements? So, let’s not ponder over it anymore and check that out through simple discussion.

Usually, people end up getting confused with logistics and supply chain managements. But clearly, there are differences that these two share. Check it out yourself here below.

Differences between Logistics and Supply Chain Managements

  • Size

Logistics basically covers a smaller section whereas supply chain management is broader. Didn’t get it? Okay, let’s break it a little more.

Logistics is basically a small part of supply chain management or a subset of it which just involves maintaining goods and storing them.

Whereas the supply chain is much more than that. It involves sourcing materials, procuring customer needs, delivering them, and more.

  • Objective

The major objective of logistics is to provide customer satisfaction until it meets the customer’s needs.

On the other hand, the supply chain emphasizes the competitive advantage. Besides using software for visual merchandising to showcase products to the brands, it focuses on the timely delivery of products.

  • Organizations

They are both involved in different types of organizations. It’s evident that logistics have organizations including in-house logistics, service providers, reverse logistics, warehouse providers, and more.

On the other hand, supply chain management organizations include suppliers, logistics, manufacturers, wholesalers, and others.

What Value Does Logistics Add to Supply Chain Management?

Like mentioned earlier, Logistics is a part of supply chain management, you must be thinking why is it so? Does it add any value to supply chain management?

So many questions must be running through your mind. We understand your curiosity completely and this is why we have come up with an answer.

For those who want to know the value of logistics in supply chain management, follow this section below.

  • Smooth Operation – Logistics ensures smooth operation of supply chain management as it increases customer satisfaction and decreases expenses.
  • Targeting New Audiences – Yes, it does that as well when the smooth operation takes place satisfying the needs of customers.

This furthermore helps in adding popularity to businesses and gaining more customers.

  • Cost Reduction – Logistics helps in cutting off the intermediary links in the supply chain. 

Therefore, it helps to lower the net costs of products and services as well. As a result, their availability increases with time towards the end-users.

What Similarities Do Logistics and Supply Chain Managements Share?

Let’s assume that by now you know the differences that logistics and supply chain managements share. But do you know that they have certain similarities as well?

Yes, you heard it right. They are similar to each other while the similarities are manifold. Wanna check them as well?

Please do read further.


  • Similar focus – Both of them have a similar focus i.e. goods, services, and information.
  • Similar Aim – Logistics and Supply chain managements have similar aims as well. They both support the success of the business and keep it ahead of the competitors.
  • Similar Priorities- They both share similar priorities i.e. valuing customer satisfaction and demands.

We hope that we made it clear what actually logistic and supply chain management is. If you want to see enormous growth in your business, try to value your customers in every way.

We would suggest you use software for visual merchandising to reach them. Indeed, success would be yours when you choose the right way of implementing it!


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