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Is it safe to sell phones after Factory Reset?

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When you are about to sell old phones, a few things must be kept in mind before selling the phone. A phone with personal information or data can misuse someone’s personal information. This is why you need to log out of all the accounts on the phone and delete all the pictures, videos, messages, and other data. However, a widespread mistake one makes before selling their phone is relying only on Factory Reset. But the question remains is Factory Reset enough to clean all the data from your phone before selling it? 

A complete factory reset on Android phones does not delete your messages.

Videos, photos, emails, and google search histories. It is essential to check twice after doing a complete Factory Reset. Before selling an Old Mobile Phone, you must manually log out of Gmail and social media from the phone. You should also check if the videos, pictures, messages, call recordings, etc., have been erased; if not, you can do that too. After clearing the entire phone and performing the Factory Reset, you can sell old mobile phones. However, SIM cards and SD cards should also be ejected from the phone and forgetting that would be a big blunder. All the above steps will help you safely delete the data from your phone. 

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The question is that more than a complete Factory Reset is needed as it can still leave behind the information in your phone. Suppose you want to avoid all this hustle and have a hassle-free experience selling your phone. Then Cashify is the best platform. Cashify ensures that all the information has been deleted from the phone before you sell the phone to us. The process to sell at Cashify is very simple as all you have to do is answer the questions related to your cell phone, schedule a pickup and receive instant cash from Cashify. This eliminates the risk of being scammed or a monetary fraud.

We hope the above information helps you to delete all your data safely before you sell an old phone. These are a few little steps you need to follow to ensure your data’s privacy. This is not breached. However, if you are looking forward to selling old mobile phones. Cashify is one of the safest and most convenient platforms for the same. The perks of selling your phone with Cashify are getting everything at your convenience, right from picking up your device to receiving instant cash in exchange for the phone. So, if you want to sell phones online, you know there is only one better platform than Cashify.


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