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In Which Cases A Family Law Lawyer Can Help You?

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Family law cases are just civil cases where family members, such as parents, spouses, and children are involved. Family courts, lawyers, law firms, and attorneys handle a series of cases related to family law. A family law lawyer (avocat Droit familial) or attorney can help you through the following cases:

1. Marriage settlement: Whether it is a divorce, annulment, or separation case, a family law lawyer can help you with his assistance. Whenever someone wants to settle their divorce dispute or end their marriage legally, they can take the help of a family law lawyer. Since it is an emotional matter, a family law lawyer can professionally assist their clients in such cases and help them act accordingly.

2. Domestic violence protection: If a person who has been a victim of domestic violence needs protection for himself or herself, a family law lawyer can take their plea to the court and ask for the same. In this way, they can get safety from domestic violence dangers, and threats.

3. Child custody: After divorce, another problem that arises for the couple is about their child’s custody. It is the responsibility of a family lawyer to represent their clients in court for winning the custody of their child.

4. Termination of guardian rights: If a guardian has not been treating the ward well, his guardian rights can be terminated by taking the case to family court.And a family lawyer can assist you with this.

5. Juvenile Issues: Since all the juvenile matters are handle by family courts, a family law lawyer needs to participate in such cases. A family law lawyer can help to represent juveniles in court cases and help them get legal assistance.

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About Fortier, D’Amour, Goyette:

Fortier, D’Amour, Goyette has a team of south shore family law lawyer (avocat Droit de la famille rive-sud) who can solve all your problems.


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