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Impact on Auto Business in 2021 by PitStopArabia

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As it’s the end of the first period anniversary of the worldwide pandemic shutdown, most of us wonder when things will return to normal. And, if you are working in the automotive industry, most of you would answer “never”. Automotive companies are already facing major disruptions, and COVID-19 has caused even more upheaval. The big impact on employment and the fall of autonomous vehicles has further thrown the industry into a loop. Some of these impacts have left their scars which have dramatically changed the future of the auto Business industry.

Below are a few ways the pandemic has directly or indirectly affected the car industry.

Covid Major Impact on the Employment

The most serious effect Covid-19 has had on the auto Business industry worldwide was the economic impact. Many employees have been given short pay and accepted shortened work schedules to prevent industry-wide bankruptcy. While some workers have already returned to work, many expect to return. But, still, there is a large number of workers who most probably won’t get a call to return to work. 

Decrease in Autonomous Vehicles

In the Covid crisis, car manufacturers were forced to prioritize their capital projects due to economic impact. Because of it, Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) were pushed aside in favour of other pressing advancements like electric vehicles (EVs). In addition, the Level 3 and 4 vehicles’ targeted manufacturing dates were set for 2022, which has now been pushed back several years. 

Repairing Car Workshops Precautions in UAE

Due to the latest Covid-19 situation, most auto Business encourage employees to work from home. Most of you would find your vehicles being driven more often than usual. Making cars unused for a long time can have a major impact on the reliability and safety of the cars.

Many car repair workshops practice safety precautions to continue facilitating their customers during the pandemic. The most important protection is wearing gloves and masks while working on a customer’s customer’s car and disinfecting steering wheels and shift knobs before returning the vehicles.

Some vehicle service centres offer to collect customers’ cars from their residences or workplaces so that they can be served without risking their lives. Most customers have found this a more convenient option to get service, demanding this service may continue post-Covid-19. 

PitStopArabia Car Services in Pandemic

PitStopArabia auto care centre strives to provide its customers with the best tire services in UAE. Whether it is an online tire purchase, brake repair, or an oil change. It is one of the top car service centres in UAE on which you can depend to do the job right the first time.

With the current health crisis in Dubai, PSA gives confident services by taking active measures to minimize the potential spread of Covid-19. For the well-being of our customers and our team, they are taking extra service precautions, including the following:

  • Disinfecting the lobby and waiting for the area a minimum of five times daily.
  •  Disinfecting most usable areas such as lobby desk, couches, door handles, restroom, etc.
  •  Staff frequently wash their hands after performing repairs on customers’ vehicles.
  •  Moreover, the team uses gloves and masks while handling vehicles. 
  •  Clean and sanitize the car after doing work.
  •  Sanitize all the tools and types of equipment after every use.
  •  Hand Sanitizer is available for all staff in the lobby area and customers in the restroom to wash their hands. 
  •  Cleaning of all sites includes a lobby, shop areas, and public traffic areas. 

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