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Ideas For Painting Walls With Two Main Colors

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Color plays an essential role in the design of almost any living space, so we need to be very imaginative when it comes to combining it with colors to freshen up the atmosphere of our home. Whether we paint our home by ourselves or hire Painting companies in Dubai. It is usually smartest to choose two colors that work in harmony with each other to bring harmony and peace to your apartment or house in Dubai. Say you can choose yellow for the walls and white for the ceiling, or blue for the walls and a lighter blue for the ceiling. It’s safest to assume that whatever color you choose for the walls, with its lighter version for the ceiling, or white – for the ceiling – is always practical.

Complementary Colors:

Still, harmonizing the colors is on the safe side; If you want your Dubai room to be vibrant and energetic, choose some complementary colors or even share complementary colors. In general, complementary colors make for striking visual differences. For example, if you choose purple for the walls, the ceiling could be painted yellow; or you can go for a softer contrast by choosing some of the split complementary colors – for purple, this could be burnt orange or olive. These can be colors, either for the walls and the wooden strips or for the top and bottom segments of a particular wall in the room.

Triad Colors:

If you don’t tend to expose that much contrast, you can also go with the triad color scheme, for example the triad color for purple would be green and orange. Additionally, when choosing colors for the master bedroom of your Dubai home, you can opt for soft lavender for the walls and oak brown for the doors, moldings. Why not even combine the color of the bedspread or quilt with the colors of the room, you can also choose an oak brown bedspread for such a bedroom – this would be the ideal finish to such an imaginative masterpiece.

Analog Colors:

Analog colors are mainly a variation on the main color. So if the main color for the walls is purple, the analogous colors for the second color would be purple or blue for the moldings, the segments, for the doors, moldings or the bedspread in the room. Another suggestion is yellow as the main color and orange or tan as the secondary or analog color. Such a color scheme is perfect for the kitchen or living room as it would make the atmosphere really sunny and warm. A smart use of analog color paint involves painting 3 to 4 inch wide vertical stripes with alternating colors, but it’s also quite stimulating in areas with chair rails, where the darker color is just below the apparent horizon and the lighter color is above.

Ending words:

Finally, remember that warm colors like red, yellow and orange will brighten any room and also your mood; while cool colors like blue, purple and green seem more peaceful and calm you down. Therefore, the latter in lighter shades are preferred for bedrooms and children’s rooms. Villa painting services Dubai can also help you choosing the right themes for your home and for your rooms. So, hire them to get your home painted beautifully and attractive.


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