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How To Use A Cat Self Defense Keychain For Maximum Effect?

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There are numerous objects used for self-protection that each has its own effectiveness. In this day and age, multiple technologies have come up that work just as well. But some classical and traditional weapons will always remain more favorable. Self defense knuckles have been and remain to be as impactful as many technical devices. One of these knuckles are the cat self defense knuckles in the shape of a keychain. You can train yourself to punch with them and use them to your advantage when you’re in trouble. You can wear them and use your force to make sure you deter any attacker that comes close to you. 

In cases of self-defense, you have to rely on more than just the weapons you have. Any kind of tool you use would be as good as you make it and as well as you use it. In cases of the cat self defense keychain, you have the option to improve your own skill. If you stay vigilant and focus on a few moves, they can be very beneficial to you. 

Cat Knuckle Keychain And Why It Works

You might have come across different versions of knuckle weapons in your experience. They are all made to be used in a direct confrontation in a fight. Usually, when you look at a knuckle weapon it is either focused on weight or structure. Some knuckles would have a greater weight to cause maximum pain. In other cases, like the cat keychain, the shape is more important. 

  • In a cat keychain, it is usually a four-finger or two-finger wearable knuckle weapon. The edge of the knuckles has sharp spikes that look like cat ears. These are the real weapons, the blades that slash and gauge your opponent in a fight.
  • If you are wielding a cat knuckle in your hands when you have danger there are many benefits to it. The first is stealth, it doesn’t actually look like a weapon and more like an accessory. 
  • The second is that it seems softer than it is and can actually hurt someone badly if used right. The sharp edges of the cat ears will appear as design, but they can sink into the skin. 
  • They are lightweight so you can carry them wherever you go and whip them out when you need to. 
  • You can also keep them close when you are going in a public or private space. There is no management that needs to be done with them, so they appeal to more people. 
  • Usually, people avoid using technical weapons in fear of hurting themselves. Something as simple as a cat keychain is easier to handle can be used innovatively. 

Incidents Where Cat Shaped Self Defense Keychain Is Useful

There are many people who would rely on something they can control and low maintenance. Cat keychains work really well in that case as they are easy to master. But you do need to have a certain kind of presence of mind to use them properly. There are some versions that are better than others, cat keychains are usually very nifty. Here are some examples of how they can be used and what effect they have. 

  1. If you’re walking alone somewhere you need something to keep you safe. A cat keychain is wearable so keep it on your knuckles, ready. If someone comes close, you can clash their face with the sharp ears and deter them. 
  2. In a social setting where things are usually casual, it is easier to disguise such a weapon. It will help you fend off someone who forces themselves on you. If someone tries to grope you, you can attack their hand or punch them with it.
  3. Cat knuckles are the most effective when you are going on public transport. Usually, you are in a car and you are sitting behind the driver and are at risk of being kidnapped. In any case that you feel threatened, you can stick the cat ears in the back of the driver’s neck. It will deter them from trying anything or putting your life in danger. 
  4. In a direct confrontation, if someone tries to choke you, you can jam the cat ear knuckle in their ear. It is also effective to go for the softer parts of the face or body; you can attack the eyes, temples, elbows, and neck. 
  5. If you are somehow held up by a weapon, try to distract the attacker and go for the eyes. The best chance of escape you have is to blind them or obstruct their vision. You should always look for the sensitive part of the weakness to attack to get the upper hand. 

Types Of Women’s Self Defense Keychain You Can Buy 

There is no doubt about the fact that the most vulnerable citizens are women. They have to face all kinds of violence when it comes to moving around on their own or in a crowd. Keychain self defense allows them to carry weapons on the go. Luckily, there is a whole array of different keychain weapons that you can buy in the market for yourself. 

  • The first is of course as mentioned, the cat ear self defense weapon. These knuckles are easy to disguise and keep on you wherever you are. These cat knuckles are also very popular since they make nice accessories and souvenirs. You can get a black cat self defense keychain, which is the most favorite and common one.
  • Other than the cat one, another weapon that is very effective is a mini kubaton keychain weapon. It is a bullet-shaped little rod that has spikes on it which works well for direct confrontation. If you are trapped in a car, this weapon will help you tackle your assaulter. 
  • If you need something that’s fun as well as effective, themed keychain weapons are all the rage. A particularly famous one is a skull keychain, which is zombie-themed and looks like a normal souvenir. At the first sign of trouble, the sharp edges will give you the advantage over your attacker. 

All these and more options are available at PA Knives, the most well-stocked online store for self defense keychains. They will have the best selection for all kinds of tastes and utilizations. The prices are also affordable so everyone can access safety on their own accord. 


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