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How to Stylize a Flat Bill Cap

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Flat Bill Cap always stay in style. One day they are all over the place, and on other days, you see them on heads in a specific region, but they are always there. If you still count flat bill caps as the only fashion accessory for hip-hop, it’s time to rethink it. Be it a classic, casual, or sporty look, these caps are your hero.

All you want to know is how to pull off the look with the right accessories.

If you want to play it safe, buy a white or black cap that can pair with any outfit. Other colours may ask for contrast and matching, which isn’t always possible. We have enlisted the top two trendy stylizing ideas for flat bill caps to find you the best match. Enjoy!

Pair Flat Bill Caps with Smart Casual Outfits

Sporting a white-coloured logo on your flat bill cap with a plain minimal-style shirt and chinos looks fascinating. But let’s talk beyond t-shirts.

Imagine a grey button-down shirt, black jacket, blazer, casual upper, white canvas, or leather sneakers with camel or grey chinos. How will a white flat bill cap with a red and yellow logo at the front complement the look? Classy and chic!

White goes with all; you can even go with bold colours. Tilt your flat bill cap slightly upwards to accentuate your facial features, or go the other way and showcase your carefree attitude. Hey, wear the hat backwards with a street-style shirt or a sweater. You do you!

Pair Flat Bill Caps with Hip-Hop Outfit

Hip-hop and flat bill caps; are partners forever. That is where the style got famous, too, right? With this style, you can go big and go bold. Play with funky colours! Green, red, yellow, black: wear a psychedelic jacket with stressed jeans, baggy trousers, or pants. Again it’s your choice to lift the lookup with flat bill caps, either forward or backwards.

If you want a fusion of contemporary, hip-hop, and modern style:
Wear your flat bill backwards.
Slant the brim downwards and keep your head up straight.
If you have longer hair, leave them united or pass your ponytail through the back and play with the aesthetics.

As hip-hop fans, some of us grew up seeing sideways caps as the ultimate “Cool” look. Some may think the style is outdated and does not have an edgy look, while others still prefer it. It’s always a personal choice.

Some Additional Tips

What’s most important to remember is that your style reflects you. It doesn’t ultimately matter how you wear something as long as it makes you feel good. So yeah, go ahead and follow trends, and then follow your heart. Some people like twinning, if you and your friends want to, why not. Suppose you feel you stick out, heck yeah. You ARE the style you want to be.

People confuse flat bill caps with baseball caps. The ones we are talking about have a strap back to adjust sizes according to your head size; the other has a fixed shape. Here are some tips to remember.

Flat bill caps are not everyone’s ultimate look! If it is not your style, let it go. Try other headgear. Some people look better in dad caps, others in beanies.

Flat bill caps are for casual gatherings. The caps aren’t the perfect fit for business meetings or with that semi-formal blazer.

Bending the brim embarrasses the cap itself. Wear it the way it is, or find another one. These caps look best with a straight and stiff bill.

Flat bill caps usually have logos at the front, enhancing their look. Choose outfit colours according to the logo and not the brim or hat on your flatbill cap.

White and black are the ole faithful in colours. Stick to them when everything else seems to clash.

Fashion has no obligations. You are amazing whatever you choose to wear on the outside. Always look at yourself in the mirror, and depending on what you are wearing and how you feel, go with the flow. Chopsticks are always the best choice.


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