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How to Prevent Engine Overheat with Car Thermostat Repair in New Orleans

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As a car owner, you have to be aware of the running parts of the car and when to take it in for repair and maintenance. One of the biggest problems that you could go through is having to repair the thermostat. Can a car run properly without a thermostat? The thermostat’s job is to regulate the temperature of the engine automatically as it allows the coolants from the radiator to freely flow through the correct temperature that your car needs. Just as it is important to check your brakes occasionally and make sure that it is okay, similar to this is the car thermostat repair in New Orleans. Here are ways to prevent engine overheat with car thermostat repair.

What causes the thermostat to fail?

  1. Age

A thing that you have to take into consideration is the age of the thermostat of your car because the thermostat could be worn out since it is constantly being put under extreme temperatures as it gets heated and cooled down. This is noticeable since it goes by slowly, until the next thing you know, your car engine is overheating.

  1. Improper installation

This is something that you have to look out for because sometimes even professionals would install your thermostat improperly, and the most common problem that people notice is that the jiggle valve is upside down. When the jiggle valves are upside-down, it would not allow the air to bleed from the cooling system. 

The thermostat being installed backward is also another way that you could install your thermostat properly since this would push the part of the thermostat that detects the temperate towards the radiator instead of the engine, causing delay on the important information since the heat would have to travel to the other side of the thermostat before the temperature could even be detected. 

  1. Sludge

Over time, you may notice that any kind of automotive fluid could start failing as they become contaminated, this is a very common problem where the said fluid would become thicker and appear more sludge-like. This thick material could get inside the thermostat and cut the thermostat, preventing it from doing its job on reading accuracy, causing delay, and either over-heating or over-cooling, nothing in between.

  1. Defect

Thermostats are mass-produced, and it undergoes proper inspection before it would be released out of the factory to be sold to all of these different car shops. But some thermostats get passed and the problem and possible defects could be missed, failing shortly after the thermostat is installed in your car.

  1. Overheating

The job of a thermostat is to make sure that your car stays at the temperature that it is supposed to stay in since they could sense if the engine of the car is overheating so that it could open and close a valve to the needs of a car. So when you notice that the car is overheating, then it would sometimes cause the thermostat to fail since they are only generally able to handle normal operating temperatures.

How do you know if your car thermostat is working?

  1. When you are checking the thermostat of your car, then you are going to have to make sure that your car is on level ground before making sure that your engine and the radiator are cool.
  2. If you are looking for the thermostat, then you have to open the hood of your car, swallow the upper radiator hose, and you could find the thermostat at the end of the hose. But this would depend on the kind of car you have because other car models have their thermostats at the lower radiator hose.
  3. Once you have found where the thermostat is placed, then you could start the engine of your car and just allow it to run before looking through the filler neck of your radiator to see if the coolant flows. 
  4. If you notice that it’s not flowing, then you have to start by checking if your valve is open but if that does not work, then you have to go visit a mechanic to make sure nothing else is wrong.
  5. Make sure that the engine of your car has reached the operating temperature of your car, then you could always also check the filler neck of your radiator since it could always be something that concerns your thermostat is in a closed position.

As soon as you notice that your car is constantly overheating or your car happens to have a hard time heating up, you have to go to a competent mechanic to help and fix or replace your thermostat as soon as possible so that your engine would not overheat and could effectively reach the correct operating temperature.



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