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How to Make Sure You Avail Best Piano Removals Adelaide

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Moving into a new house is not an easy job and requires much effort. One can manage the small household items even without any professional assistance but when it comes to giant and expensive objects such as the piano; you have to take care of a lot of factors. A piano is probably one the heaviest possession so it is not easy to lift and transport it safely from one place to another.

Before we further look into the matter, let’s have a quick overview of the types of pianos so it will be easy for you to understand the moving and transportation process.


Types of Pianos

There are various types of piano and each type needs specialized care white being transported from your old home to the new one. Some of the commonly used types of piano are listed below.

  • Grand piano
  • Upright piano
  • Electric piano
  • Spinet piano
  • Digital piano
  • Console piano
  • Player piano
  • Baby grand piano
  • Studio piano


Equipment Needed For Piano Removal

Whether you move your piano yourself or hire the services of piano removals in Adelaide, you must have the proper equipment to make sure this fragile and expensive is transported safely. You will need the following pieces of equipment for safe and sound piano removal.

  • Piano dollies

Although there are wheels on piano legs, they are only for decorative purposes. You can’t rely on them at all for moving such a heavy piano so you will need a piano dolly to transport an upright piano.

  • Piano board

You will need a piano board in case you have a grand piano and you want to move it. Place your piano on it and then secure it with the help of piano straps. This way, you can easily transport big-sized grand pianos.

  • Work gloves

The hands of the person transporting heavy furniture, especially the piano might get hurt. Sometimes hands become slippery due to sweat and you can’t hold things properly with slippery hands. This increases the chances of breakage so work gloves are recommended to make sure there isn’t any injury or damage.

  • Plastic covers or heavy blankets

These plastic covers and blankets are necessary to keep the piano in place and avoid friction. The bumps on the road might cause your costly piano to hit the vehicle and cause damage. Moreover, it will save yourself and the walls of your home from scratches.

  • Piano board straps

Piano board or piano dolly straps are essential as they will keep the piano fixed on the dolly or board making sure it will not move. These straps give you additional security for your piano.

  • Heavy-duty tape

The role of tape is obvious here. It will keep the parts of the piano joined together, reducing the chances of any sort of damage or breakage.

Piano Removals Adelaide


Can You Move a Piano Without Piano Removal Services?

The ultimate answer is: Yes, you can move a piano by yourself. But it is not an easy task. Moving and transporting a piano is a thing you will do once in a blue moon. The professionals do it every day! Moreover, hiring the services of trained and skilled Piano Removals Adelaide will make the process more secure as compared to be done by untrained people.

Furthermore, you have to buy or rent out the basic and necessary equipment mentioned above for the safe and convenient transportation of the piano. This might turn out more costly than hiring professionals. So why take a risk when you have the option of the best and qualified piano removals Adelaide.


Benefits of Hiring Piano Removals in Adelaide

Professional piano removals have all the required equipment and they are properly trained on how to handle this giant piece of furniture in your home. It will give you peace of mind to assign the task to professionals and you just have to sit back and watch the process. That’s it!

Other than that, you have to do proper homework before starting the removal process yourself and invest your time. Hiring skilled persons will save not only your time but your energy too. It will also save your property from potential damages caused by the transportation process.


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