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How to leverage LinkedIn Live by creating Pillar Content?

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What is Pillar content?

It’s a type of longer video content that you can edit, repurpose, and make into smaller content. This can form as much as 20% of your entire video content on LinkedIn. The objective behind creating pillar content is to make people understand more about you, what you’re about? And what your values are? If tomorrow, they plan to purchase the services you provide, such videos help them to understand how you can create difference in their lives.

If you develop pillars in the right way, it will bring the following:

# It will save you a lot of money and time, and none of your content will be wasted.

# It will provide a strategic foundation for your content writers

# It will ensure your content is relevant and valuable and creates engagement with your audience.

But before we discuss more about pillars, let’s take a step back to know why we’re doing it in the first place. The definition of Content Marketing actually contains two keywords;

Content marketing is a type of marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to acquire, attract, and connect a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of creating a profitable customer action.

If you haven’t decided what sort of pillar content your business should have, think about what you want to be known for. What are those five factors that every person who engages with your content should get? Well! Those are your pillars.

Your pillars are areas associated with your business you know quite well. If someone needs to engage with you through one of these areas, you should be able to talk repeatedly about it. These pillars act like your guiding principles for content. If you are fully aware of what your pillars are and have a strategy in place, it will be a cakewalk for you to create content.

If you want to get pillar content for video on the LinkedIn, the only way to do is by live video. It’s true that everyone doesn’t have access to LinkedIn Live, but if you do, building your own show format can an effective tool for you.

When you regularly do live streams on LinkedIn, you use third-party services, most of which allow you to download the content of the live stream. Now, you can easily extract the most relevant portions from that extended content, and convert them into multiple pieces of quality content that you can use in LinkedIn, Instagram, or Connectd India channels.

Richard Moore and Cher Jones are two such individuals who are effectively using pillar content on LinkedIn. Both of these celebrities maintain show formats and post-produce their live streams as additional content.

Moore does a lot of Q&As on his show with guests, and each live stream has a theme. Once he’s finished with show, he picks the best questions from viewers or his best answers to those questions and sends them off to his editor who converts them into different pieces of content. This allows him tons of content to throw around.

Your pillars are topics you are quite familiar with, and they keep giving you endless ideas. If you are not confident about doing live video or just not comfortable with it, you don’t need to do pillar content for LinkedIn. You can still use pillar content as the ideation of these topics and the different angles you can take to approach them. The important thing to know about your pillar content is it’s there because it will help you to decide about what kind of micro- and macro-content is required for your business.


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