How to Keep Your Digital Photos Stored and Organized for Good?

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We get puzzled organizing a few photos of ourselves and our family, ever thought about how professional photographers organize and manage photos of hundreds of events, parties and digital photoshoots of different celebrities? It’s not tough managing thousands of photos, albums and sub-folders. It’s just tricky!

Here in this article, I’m going to reveal how professional photographers make use of the best photo organizers for Windows and manage their albums in a much better and organized manner. You’ll explore what precautions you need to take while taking a backup of your smartphones, digital cameras or other devices. How to make use of the Metadata or add/edit EXIF information of multiple photos in an album. How to create folders, sub-folders and directories to bifurcate your photo collection. Check out the best photo management software for Windows 10 and other solutions related to photo management.

Enhance File Naming System

The first and the best way you can manage your files and folders is to give them a unique name that distinguishes them from other photo albums. Naming your photos, folders, and sub-folders should be in such a manner that you can recall the names, find them swiftly and there are no duplicates. You can categorically name them by events, like birthday parties, wedding photos, holiday gatherings, vacations or by relation like Mom’s album, Dad’s album or brothers, family tree or childhood memories.

There can be several sub-folders in the main folders. For example, go to the Pictures album. Create different folders and name them by years. Enter individual folders and create sub-folders by the name of months. Expand every month and create sub-folders by the name of events, people, place or geotags. Whenever you wish to refer to a particular event, you can find it by name or by month or date. All the photos can be named by the event and a serial number in front of it. You can also give names of people in case of celebrities.

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Manage EXIF / Metadata Information

Every photo or image stores various hidden details behind the image. This information can be used to identify the picture and bifurcate them in different albums. The EXIF information, also known as metadata of the image is automatically created. This information may contain device details, lens details, date, time, location, geotags, and other critical information about the image. There are different software that you can use to add, edit, or delete EXIF information.

Photos EXIF Editor is one of the finest photo managers for Windows that can help you add, edit, remove metadata from thousands of photos. It is fully compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & Vista (both 32 and 64 bit) versions. It supports various image formats including RAW images to add, edit or remove metadata. You can manually enter GPS coordinates to one and all images in one go. You can backup original metadata before editing the details. Using Photos EXIF Editor is as simple as opening a folder, selecting photos, making changes and saving them all with a single click. You can rename all photos in the album in one go. This is one of the best photo management software for Windows.

Use Cloud Storage

With every Google account, you get 15 GB of cloud storage space that you can use through Google Drive or Google Photos. We recommend using Google Photos as it has unique photo storage and management system that doesn’t allow duplicate photos to get uploaded. Using Google Photos, you can create different albums and store your photos backup smartly. You can universally access all the photos through any of the devices you are signed in and it becomes easier to share the photos right through your albums. You can also make use of Microsoft OneDrive, Drop Box or other cloud storages as these are the best photo organizer for Windows.

Always Keep a Backup Storage

It is recommended to always take a backup on external storage devices like an external Hard Drive, or a USB stick. If you get a chance to buy SD Cards in bulk, you can store photos of different events or different years in individual SD Cards. These handy devices are portable and you can safeguard your data in a much efficient manner. Doing this will also make room on your laptop or smartphones for upcoming photos. We have heard a lot of horror stories of lost stolen laptops or crashing hard drives.

Use the Best Photo Management Software for Windows 10

There are different photos management software that can do the job right for you!

Photo Organizer by Systweak is one of the best photo organizers for Windows that can automatically scan and find photos from different folders and sub-folders of the system and bifurcate them according to the metadata. It organizes them smartly so that you can find the right images just with a single click.

This photo manager for Windows store all photos in one location removes duplicate photos to save disk space and makes them easy to find and access from one console. You can exclude folders that you don’t want to be scanned, and save the found folders properly and organized at your desired location.

If renaming photos and folders was a task for you, Photo Organizer by Systweak can rename the whole batch of photos in one go. This saves you time and efforts in managing photos and helps you rename or organize all of the photos of an event in a single click. You can create sub-folders and save changes or revert changes whenever you want.

This Photo Manager for Windows 10 can find and list out all the duplicate images with a similar or exact match. You can preview them and select the one you wish to remove from your device. This trusted photo manager for Windows is listed on Microsoft Store and you can directly download it from there.

Summing Up

Manually managing or organizing photos albums on your PC can be a challenging task especially when it comes to renaming all the hundreds of photos in a folder. Here comes the need for the best photo management software for Windows 10. Such photo organizers for Windows can automate the process and organize all the photo albums easily for you. Photo Manager for Windows makes it easy to edit EXIF information, Metadata and other geotags to easily find and access photos.

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