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How to Create a Marketing Plan For Instagram?

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Social media has seen tremendous growth in popularity amongst newer and older generations alike in recent years. Instagram, however, stands out for being comparatively new to the space than the competition and yet holding up a strong fight.

Instagram is growing at such a rapid pace because it has shown the world that it can create influencers, grow businesses, attract sponsors, and boost marketing for brands like no other platform. This has led most big players in many industries to create an Instagram handle and have an Instagram-specific marketing plan.

Since the pandemic, the world has started shifting online at supersonic speed. This shift has led to more brand presence on platforms like Instagram, especially since Tiktok has been banned in multiple countries and Instagram recently rolled out a new feature called reels.

This article will show you the steps to create an Instagram-specific marketing plan for your brand to achieve the growth you deserve!

Switch To A Business Account

Instagram allows users to switch their accounts to business accounts. This switch allows users to get in touch with you directly from your Instagram profile like a website. Switching allows you and your team to look at analytical information about your profile from the “insights” section. You can keep track of your posts and profile’s reach, impressions, and impact. This information is essential in understanding your audience and altering your content based on their needs. You can also post Instagram ads to increase your reach after switching to a business profile.

Ascertain Your Target Audience

Determining the target audience for your Instagram marketing plan is of utmost importance. Keep in mind factors such as age, gender, location, income, and interests to better determine your target audience. You should keep track of popular events and hashtags that are trending and related to your line of work. You can look into the profiles of people who are using these hashtags and attending these events to help you understand your audience better, helping you provide them with a good experience.

Learn From The Competition

Analyzing your competition immensely helps you know how high the bar is set and successful strategies to grow in your industry. Make sure to scrutinize the industry leaders from your line of work and analyze their profiles to see the aspects they are doing well in and which ones you could do better. Remember to take note of things such as the number of followers compared to the number of likes and comments, how often they post, which trending hashtags they use, and the general theme they follow on their profiles. You should also be mindful of the opportunities you feel they have missed and the aspects you think you can do better in.

Use Hashtags To Your Advantage

Hashtags are a great tool that helps users find the content they wish to see. Use hashtags judiciously to lure the target audience to your profile. Here are some of the things that you should inculcate in your brand’s hashtag strategy:

  • Hashtags are a great tool to aid your Instagram marketing plan but overusing them will make your brand look like one that does not care about its patrons and only cares about sales.
  • Actively find new and trending hashtags commonly used by your target audience and competitors.
  • You do not have to shy away from creating some of your personalized brand-specific hashtags. They might be lesser-used, but they provide a sense of distinctiveness to your brand.
  • If you have an ongoing marketing campaign for your brand, you can create hashtags around it to help boost recognition.
  • If you are seeking growth in a particular area, you can use location-based hashtags for that area.

Create A Video Marketing Campaign

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the past few years, platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube have made us realize that videos are worth a thousand pictures (Yes, we mean one million words!). As a growth-oriented brand, you should not neglect the importance of including videos in your Instagram marketing plan. Short, action-packed videos are the best way to get noticed on Instagram, especially since the introduction of reels.

Ever since the introduction of reels and the pandemic, Instagram users constantly find themselves binge-watching reels one after the other for hours on end. To gain an advantage over your competition, you should upload videos and reels on your Instagram profile that consists of strategic, well-thought-out videos that appeal to your audience. If you are looking for an Instagram video editor, look no further.

Use an online video editing software with many user-friendly features that allow beginners to create professional-looking content effortlessly and efficiently.

Upload Stories Frequently

Instagram stories are a great way for you as a brand to show the audience that you care about them and their needs. Stories have an advantage over videos that show up in the feed. Stories have audio enabled by default, and feed videos do not. Uploading stories will make people look up to your brand’s profile frequently, looking for updates about new products and offers. Stories also help you create a more dedicated follower base for your business.

Learn From Your Best Posts

You should keep track of your best-performing posts. Analyze the top performers and ascertain the aspects that caused them to achieve a higher reach than others. Doing this will help you unlock the code behind creating a successful Instagram marketing plan.


Instagram has provided an excellent opportunity to businesses looking for growth through online marketing, and the brands having an Instagram-based marketing plan get heavily rewarded for it. Due to the recent coronavirus pandemic, digitalization is happening at an unparalleled pace. With that, more and more people are coming online to look for products and services along with brand suggestions. Instagram has extremely business-friendly policies set in place for businesses looking for an online social media presence to reach a large audience that they never could before.


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