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How To Choose The Best Energy-Saving LED Light In Wholesale?

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Do you want to limit your energy consumption bills? Then choosing the LED light wholesale is the best choice to make. LED lighting is the long-lasting and energy-reducing yet cheaper alternative to conventional lighting technology. Being an energy-efficient solution for lighting, LED lighting provide the brighter illumination that space needs without consuming high power like incandescent lights. It is believed that the future of lighting lies with the LED smart power-consuming technology. 

Cost-efficiency and lower energy consumption are many reasons why Canadian LED lights are getting popular these days. Due to its massive popularity and demand, many Canadian lighting shops offered a variety of LEDs. With plenty of options, many consumers get confused when selecting the lights for their space. It is so because LEDs are available in different watts, shapes, and colors of light, and this makes it difficult to compare the brightness of LEDs at a glance.

To simplify the experience of buying and using LED lights, here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best energy-saving LED lighting for your home or office.

  • Consider “Lumens” Not Watt When You’re Looking For Brightness

Consumers with inadequate information used to judge a bulb’s brightness by watts and this is where they made a big mistake. This is so because, the right term that indicates the brightness of a LED light is ‘lumens’ and ‘watts’ on the other hand, measure how much energy the light use. While buying Canadian LED from shop, be sure to check the lumens to know the exact brightness of the LED light.

  • Get the light color if you’re turned off with the harsh whiteness

If you get bored of your previous bright white light, you will be glad to know that Canadian lighting shops provide a range of light colors in LED, from a warmer yellow-white to a whiter white and blueish white. To be assured of the color you can check the packaging of the LED light and read the temperature mention on the Kelvin scale. Lower Kelvin numbers represent warmer colored light whereas the higher number denotes the blueish light.

  • Choose the appropriate LED Light for dimmers

Another important factor that you need to consider is the dimmability of LED lights. Though LED lights have the feature of dimmability, still it is recommended to consider the manufacturer specifications. This is so because not every light can cope up with the lower wattage in which LEDs operate.

  • Check the longevity of lights

Unlike traditional lights, Canadian LED lights available wholesale do not burn out; instead, they progressively dim over time. LEDs are considered to be long-lasting and are known to maintain their brightness for around 10,000-25,000 hours. However, LEDs are only considered to be at their end when the output of the light drops below 70% of its initial brightness when you have purchased. 

  • Quality is the key priority

LEDs are most known for their long lives. But if manufacturers fail to deliver as per the quality parameters then it can also work the reverse. You need to purchase from a reliable Canadian LED shop having positive reviews. Always keep in mind that poor quality LED’s can die out even before traditional lights. It’s a must to get your lighting always from a trusted manufacturer.

LEDs are the way of the future that will last longer. Following the above-mentioned guide will help you choose the energy-efficient LED light for your residential and commercial properties.


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