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How to Build a Doctor Appointments Mobile App – Complete Guideline

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Are you facing difficulties managing your clinic? Will your staff also take hours scheduling your appointments every day? In such a case, perhaps you need a way to manage appointments in an efficient manner.

Do you have a troop of patients lining up in your waiting room? This can be a significant sign that you just haven’t managed your appointment booking process well.

A sure-fire way to resolve this situation is to implement a medical appointment software system. Whether you decide on an application or a web-based platform, it may be a godsend event for your staff and patients. No doubt, they hate the idea of being packed cheek by jowl in a small room when the COVID-19 pandemic is raging.

Let’s begin with the look and development of an online Doctor Appointment Solution and why patients expect you to have one. In this article, we’ll show you the way you’ll meet their expectations.

Reasons to develop a doctor appointment booking application for your medical center

Why do medical centers change appointment scheduling? The explanations are numerous. Doctor Appointment Mobile App Development may be a win-win resolution for clinics and patients.

With an appointment scheduling application, clinics are able to:

  • Improve their efficiency and streamline processes
  • Better manage staff scheduling
  • Predict and reduce appointment no-shows
  • Save time on administrative tasks
  • Avoid overbooking
  • Eliminate human errors (for example, spelling mistake on the patient name or mistyping an appointment time)
  • Get insights into their performance and compare their productivity

Patients are able to:

  • Access healthcare 24/7
  • A patient can schedule and reschedule appointments anytime from anywhere
  • Converse by call or chat with their care team in real-time
  • If payment functionality is given patient can easily access and pay bills 

Doctor Appointment App Development edges related to Patients

  • Patients square are able to access health care at all hours of the day.
  • Patients are able to schedule and reschedule appointments anytime from any place.
  • Patients will access and pay bills, provided payment practicality is obtainable.
  • Patients will communicate with their care team in real-time.
  • An excess of time and energy is saved by the online appointment medium.

Doctor Appointment Application Features

Here is that the list of some important features that may be found in nearly any doctor appointment application:

Doctor Profiles: There ought to be a feature to browse doctor profiles so the patients will choose the doctor they like. All the required information to be inside the profile like experience, competencies, certifications, and spoken languages. A feature to include called rating and feedback can be pretty helpful so the users will grasp whether a doctor met the expectations of previous patients in terms of treatment, communication, and competency, etc.

Search for a Doctor: Offer patients the freedom to decide health care specialists in terms of ratings, specialty, location, and knowledge.

Reminders: Push notifications to work excellent to automate regular interactions between clinics and patients like giving patients reminders concerning appointments. You’ll inform patients a few times so that they don’t forget about the upcoming appointments but you need to be more carefully doing it not overdoing it.

Book and Manage Appointments: The patients will use the calendar to schedule a rendezvous with a doctor. Also, the feature to cancel and schedule or reschedule the appointment ought to be provided to the user. You will have the interest to understand the vital features of mobile applications for doctors.

Advance Features of Doctor Appointment Application

  • Payments – Enable customers to access and make the payments.
  • Cloud-based E-records – Enable patients to view examinations, radiology pictures, test results, and prescriptions.
  • On-line consultations – In this feature, you’re permitting patients to check their concerned doctors via video calls without worrying about visiting the clinic physically.
  • Health tips and insights – Share stuff related to health and fitness on an everyday basis like fitness guides, info, and recommendation on illness.
  • Medication Tracker– This tracker helps in reminding patients to require medications and refill prescriptions.

Online Medical Appointment System Development

A web-based platform is another appointment scheduling solution, whether it’s coupled with an application or not. It brings the booking system online, permitting additional patients to arrange their medical visits.

Similar to application building, web-based platform development also revolves around:

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Web style
  • Testing
  • Platform maintenance

That said, the technology used for this process could be completely different from that used for app creation. For instance, the frontend is usually beefed up with React Native and cloud-based solutions to take center stage. They’re used to integrate existing management systems and doctor/patient databases into one platform for real-time data exchange.

With a web platform, there’s additional room for extra features to enrich your booking system. It’s also a wonderful place to start a blog and share health tips together with your patients. Or you will produce a standalone section to cover accepted insurance plans, which adds value to the standard of the care you deliver.

What’s it prefer to go the Artistixe way?

Some would possibly say it takes an excessive amount of time to develop doctor appointment booking software. With Artistixe, however, it’s easier than you think that.

When you team up with us, you’re saving yourself the trouble of getting to try and do everything yourself. Our professionals are able to take care of all the software development steps so that you get your hands on a full-fledged solution straight out of the box.

Over the last five years, Artistixe has helped several healthcare startups build custom software that aligns with their business processes. We are able to additionally handle third-party integrations, analytics, and HIPAA/GDPR-compliant security solutions.

Whatever features you would like your application to possess, Artistixe will assist you make that happen. Artistixe’s portfolio is worth a thousand words.

Can’t wait to set the ball rolling?

If there’s one factor that will remedy your administrative headaches and level up the patient expertise, it’s Doctor Appointment Solution. That’s why it’s halfway to turning into the new normal in today’s healthcare industry. And Artistixe will assist you to stay at the forefront of it.

Let Artistixe develop a custom booking system software solution for you. All you’ve got to try and do is contact us to get started.


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