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How the UAE Protects and Empowers Its Employees?

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The UAE hosts some of the best attraction spots for its visitors. However, there is more than just the glitters and sparkles to life in the country. Being a booming business hub, the UAE witnesses an influx of investors and visitors coming here from all over the world. In addition to that, it also provides a perfect enabling ground for the job seekers, who want to build their careers.

Dubai is amongst those cities in the world that host a large number of foreign visitors annually. UAE Labour and Employment Law works to ensure that law will be properly implemented and the employees are given their rights adequately. In situations where any party that has entered into a contract, fails to comply with these laws can seek help from the employee or labour lawyers in Dubai. Nevertheless, these lawyers are expert people who provide their services and help you out. After all, UAE laws protect and empower their employees at all times.

Here are some common aspects of the UAE law that remain useful for employees and employers. Let’s take a look at them!

Complying by Law and Articles

The employees are required to work for a certain number of hours on a daily basis at a minimum wage defined by article 63 of the law. Also, any additional work, as stated in Article 69 will be compensated through overtime payments. One can calculate it by adding the normal working hours with 25% of the normal wage. Moreover, the annual, national and sick leave policies are also present in the contract.

All of these details are devised as per the UAE law and communicated initially to the employee being hired. All of the clauses are important for the employee to be aware of before signing the contract. Once signed, both of the parties legally enter a contract.

Leaves and Benefits

UAE laws have outlined some of the most useful and important rules for employers when they are formulating employment contract. These include some annual leaves and retirement benefits. Gratuity and End of Service Benefits are the very important ones. Having served the UAE economy for many years, the employee has a right to avail retirement benefits.

Right to Keep Passport

An employer has no legal right to keep the passport of his/her employees without the employees’ written consent. This gives the employee a greater sense of security and confidence about their documents.

Employer Must Bear the Visa Expense

Visa cost and sponsorship is the sole responsibility of the employer, even if the contract concludes. Any company or employer who asks for the reimbursement of the Visa fees will pay a fine. They can also choose to complete the duration of their punishment under the law if found guilty.

Right to Grace Period

In case of termination of employment contract, the employer grants a grace period of 30 days from the date of cancellation of the contract. This leverages them some time to find a new job and obtain a residency permit, else they will be fined or deported.

All of the aforementioned aspects of the UAE labour law clearly signifies how UAE protects and empowers its employees. This strengthens the grounds for the employee and employer to work and remain beneficial in the long run. In all, these efforts are able to reinforce the work environment and ensure that the UAE business market continues to boom.


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