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How do Vans fall? This is how you buy the right size!

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It once started as one of skaters’ favorite sneakers, now has become an integral part of the street scene. As a true fashion lover, Vans are a must-have. The sneakers are comfortable, timeless, and give your look a cool look. Already convinced to buy a pair of Vans? Then of course you want to order the right size in one go. We tell you how Vans fit and which size fits you best.

How do Vans fall?

Vans are known for running normally to slightly larger. Which size fits you well depends on the model. In general, it is better to buy Vans in a half size smaller. In principle, Vans uses whole and half sizing. Is there no half size available for your shoe size? Then choose something smaller than too big.

Within the Vans collection, there is a big difference in fit. Do you want to buy a pair of Vans Old Skool or Vans SK8-Hi? These models run quite large, a half to a full size smaller is recommended. That in contrast to the Vans Era and the Vans Authentic; these models have a normal fit. The size you normally wear fits best.

Make sure you never buy Vans too small. Most Vans models have a full canvas upper. If you buy Vans too small, you run a greater risk of developing holes around the toes over time.

How do Vans women’s shoes fall?

Do you want to be sure that you buy the right size Vans shoes for women? With this table that becomes a breeze. Do not return and immediately show off your new sneakers. All you have to do is measure your feet and read in the table which size fits best.

How do Vans men’s shoes fall?

Not a bad buy if you order new Vans men’s shoes? Which can! And it’s a lot easier than you think. Measure your feet, read in the table which size belongs to it and choose a nice model. Don’t forget to press the order button?!

How do Vans children’s shoes fall?

Before you know it, your child will have outgrown their shoes (again) and it’s time to order a pair of new Vans children’s shoes. All parents know that buying shoes for a child are just a bit more difficult. By using the table below you make it as easy as possible and you can buy the right size Vans. How does it work? Measure your child’s feet and read which size fits best. Children always prefer something bigger than smaller; your child’s feet are growing fast enough.


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