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All you need to know about graphics cards

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If you are looking to get the best gaming PC or looking to build a PC on your own, then the key is to get the graphics card. Suppose your budget allows you to buy the most expensive graphics card, Besides the central processing unit (CPU). In that case, the graphics processing unit (GPU) also has the maximum impact on a gaming PC’s performance. The GPU features an additional processor that takes data from the CPU and translates it into some images that can be rendered on your display. In simple terms, GPU is doing most of the heavy lifting when you are playing a game. The more information can be calculated and shown in a short period, and the better your gameplay experience will be overall as more potent as the GPU.

The  CPU is entirely responsible for translating information into images in the early days of PCs. Data were maintained in unique memory spaces called “frame buffers” and were then transferred to the display.

It is the right time to upgrade your video card if your computer is having a hard time playing the latest video games or smoothly playing HD video content. The majority of the computers include onboard or built-in graphics cards. It is crucial to know which type of graphics card is correct for your laptop by adding a separate video card will enhance the playback of video games and video. If your budget allows you, then you can buy some of the most expensive graphics cards.

The different types of graphics cards are:

  • On-Board- If you have a budgeted PC, then onboard graphics instead of separate graphics cards occupying an expansion slot is most likely to be included. To play graphics-intensive games or decode some high-quality video  On-board video is usually not powerful enough. The onboard graphics tend to be disabled in the computer’s BIOS because you cannot physically remove them if onboard graphics are to be replaced with an add-on graphics card.
  • PCI Express-  The standard in video cards is the PCI Express. NVIDIA and ATI, having the two largest graphics card manufactures, were only producing PCI Express graphics cards back in 2009. For both  NVIDIA cards or CrossFire for ATI cards, the computer motherboard and graphics card will have to support SLI.
  • AGP- In the early-mid 2000’s Accelerated graphics port or AGP was the standard graphics card type. AGP cards are not available widely today because they have been replaced by PCI Express as NVIDIA released its final AGP graphics card with its GeForce 7 series.
  • External Graphics Cards- These are one of the most expensive graphics cards as laptop computers do not have any available space for an add-on graphics card; a few manufacturers have produced external graphics cards to give a boost to laptop graphics. Some are used in-line to an external monitor, while others are based on the ExpressSlot.
  • Legacy Graphics Cards- The standard PCI, VESA local bus and ISA graphics cards are some of the graphics cards that are not widely used today. These cards would not be able to support current versions of Windows, besides some video or graphical games.

Why do graphics matter?

Gaming is one of the most hardware-intensive activities or tasks that you will ask your PC to perform for most people. There is nothing surprising then that serious gamers spend hours researching the latest GPU technology and often upgrade their GPUs regularly.

You should not care as much about your GPU’s capabilities if you are not prioritizing gaming. 


The gaming industry has been entirely instrumental in the evolution of GPU technology as  PC games are said to be more realistic and complex as compared to ever before, and the increasing performance of modern GPUs. The GPU is most likely to be your most important purchase, as if you are building a PC to play games. Some of the components that impact the performance include  CPU, storage, and RAM, but the GPU directly connects to what you see on the screen while playing.

There are different kinds of games, though, and not all tend to demand the most powerful GPU on the market. It is essential to read a game’s required, recommended, and optimal specifications to ensure that you get an ideal GPU.

You keep it ready to play popular games that have yet to be released. Buying the best GPU which aligns with your budget is an excellent way to future-proof your build.

Video and professional applications:

If you use  PCs for complex tasks, including 3D rendering, game development, and video editing, faster GPUs are just for you. High-end applications, including AutoCAD and Adobe Premiere Pro, can use GPUs to speed up processing and make quicker and more efficient workflows. And here is where there is an entire segment of GPUs explicitly designed for professionals. 


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