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Fiber Optics Polishing Films

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Cleaning Films accessible from Stock

AMS Technologies offers different sorts of Fiber Polishing film for fiber optic connectors that can be utilized with an assortment of fiber optics Polishing gear. Our range of movies accessible from stock reaches from Polishing films with exceptionally coarse grain for granulating and paste expulsion to extraordinary movies for creating round calculation or fine Polishing of the surface to films with extremely fine grain for conclusive Polishing to produce end faces with exceptionally low bring misfortune back.

Our Polishing films are intended for long process duration and can be utilized for PC and APC Polishing. The movies are accessible in the standard 127 mm roundabout arrangement, yet in addition as sheet or roll or even in custom organizations on demand.

Utilize the channels beneath to choose the suitable application, film material (Aluminum Oxide, Silicon Carbide, Silicon Dioxide, or Diamond), coarseness, and ferrule material to track down the best Polishing film for your application. Adornments for Polishing movies, for example, hand clean cushions or glass clean plates are additionally accessible from stock.

Item Portfolio

Notwithstanding the in-stock reach, the AMS Technologies portfolio incorporates group measure Polishing films that can do bunch handling from cement or gum expulsion up until the last Polishing with a solitary Polishing machine in one stage – by assembling all the fundamental movies for all Polishing in one Polishing film. Tweaking is accessible for different sorts of the ferrule.


Cleaning films are explicitly advanced for one application: Polishing an MTP trunk cable connector after the fiber has been reinforced into the ferrule. Cleaning or lapping films comprise of a substrate covered with minuscule particles of a particular substance – like a precious stone, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, or silicon dioxide – in a characterized grain size.

Which of the Polishing materials is utilized relies upon the material of the ferrule to be cleaned. For instance, jewel films are especially reasonable for earthenware or zirconia ferrules, and films with silicon dioxide for the last Polishing of these ferrules. Movies with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide are chiefly utilized for treated steel ferrules.


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