Fashion Tips And Trends For This Season

natural stone beads for jewelry making

When it comes to making a statement at a party, on a dinner date or a casual stroll at the grocery store, you want your outfit to be on point. Whether it is your jacket, your ear cuffs or high platform heels, you want to be in sync with the latest trends but add a pinch of your own original and unique personality to your style. What this years’ fashion trends look like is the more you personalise your outfit, the better. Throw a vintage mini dress and today it with a pair of whiote shoes, for what anyone cares. How you pull the outfit off makes all the difference. So, the trends are rather more specific, like pastel colors, y2k patterns and high waist jeans. It is rather interesting to see how people style each of their outfits differently with the similar set of clothes.

Outfit Check

Co-ords For The Win

One of the most in trend these days is the neutral coordinated sets. Whether it is shorts and crop top or a tracksuit, the same colored top and bottoms make you stand out in a group of people. The most favourite colors are neutral like, black, white, offwhite, skin brown, etc. There are so many options to choose from like joggers and top sets, jumpsuits, satin overalls, palazzo pants and crop tops and so many more.

Pastels And Pops All At Once

Pastel and candy colors are the most liked these days. They are at fashion weeks, in subways and restaurants alike. Not only in clothes, these are also very prominent in charms and natural stone beads for jewelry making. These colors were very prevalent in the late 1990s but it seems like the old trends are coming back again. It is simply crazy how pop colors and pastels are in trend quite at the same time and can lift your outfit up tremendously if worn together. A simple pop pink colored shirt paired with subtle pastel pink pants makes for a great outfit and is a timeless one.

Florals Or Checks?

It is whether the florals or checks if you are into patterned clothes. However, many marble and y2k patterns can also be seen on mesh tops and long dresses but florals are something you can’t go wrong with. You can style the outfit however you like and still make it look different. Combine your pop checkered shirt with a pastel trousers or overall coat and see for yourself how brilliant it looks. You can pick a shirt and twist it the way you like or get a checkered pants and make it go with many different contrasting shirts, but make sure to add an element of your personality.

The Wider The Better

High waist jeans have been in and out all through the last few decades. But denims on denims is a whole different vibe. And this is what is being seen every now and then and to noones’s surprise, the trend is quite fulfilling. The best styles in high waist denim are wide leg and boyfriend jeans. It adds a type of twist to the outfit and makes the wearer look elegant. This trend has been taking over the closets of people for some time now and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Overcoats And High Boots

High boots that go all the way up to thighs and cozy classy overcoats are the best of trends these days. It won’t be an understatement to say that winters would see a lot of high boots and sweatshirts topped with trench overcoats. Whether it is leather, bomber, knitted wool, texture or graphic coats, the best thing is you can pull it off with the right color scheme and the right high boots. Not only winter wear but if you are going for some funky denim shorts or a cute dress, high boots can spice up your outfit real quickly and without much effort.

What’s For Jewels?

Who Doesn’t Love Crystal Pendants?

Crystals are not only a trend but a lifestyle for many people. They are extremely pretty and the best to wear everyday. Additionally, the healing and uplifting properties of crystals instill the wearer with positivity and good thoughts. While every crystal has a different meaning, these are so much preferred because of their glow and beauty too. The most sought after crystal jewelry is pendants and wire wrapped crystal rings. The best of fashionistas have certain crystals in their closet that they can’t do without.

Get Yourself Some Stone Beads

What’s better than a beautiful piece of beads bracelet that can literally go with each and every outfit you have? Even the fashion icons have recognised their glamour and that’s why, these are seen on almost every other wrist these days. Real stone beads have always been an impressive jewelry but only recently have they acclaimed such importance in the fashion world. The best part is, these are highly personalisable and the best for gifting your loved ones. You can also get yourself some real stone beads for jewelry making from authentic online stores like Dream of Stones, which have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Charming Waist Charms

What social media has discovered is how multi-purpose and charming can waist charms be. Wearing low waist jeans and a crop top can get a whole lot interesting by adding a silver or gold charmed waist band. You can also add a beaded piece to it and make your waistline highlight so easily. It is perfect for night outs and casual outings and many celebrities like Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner have been seen nailing these chains.

Win It With Clay Rings

Clay rings in chunky styles, funky designs and candy colors are on everyone’s fingers this season. No matter if you’re wearing a neutral co-ords set or an oversized t-shirt with wide legged denim jeans, the ring can add an interesting pop to your outfit by just being there. These can be made at home or bought from several brands and small businesses at affordable prices.


As a concluding remark, the best we can understand this season’s trends is wearing what you feel comfortable in and feel connected with. There is nothing like a perfect outfit. As long as you dress up to portray your true self, you would stand out and look the best that you can. Pastels or pop, gemstones or clay, make sure what you wear, you channelise your true essence through it.

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