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Eyelash: Everything To Know To Get the Natural Looking

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Eyelash extensions are almost everywhere and are popular for many good reasons. The most common is being able to step out of the house in this sweaty season without having to apply layers of mascara. Even the most minimal classic lashes can give your natural lashes the oomph they deserve. So it’s time to say goodbye to midday mascara smudging. 

But, for lash experts, it is also important to master the art of providing a natural-looking eyelash extension. Because not all clients come in to get long, fluffy extensions, like a bad haircut, an untidy set of eyelash extensions can ruin your appearance for weeks to come. Hence, we are here to help you learn how to get the most natural-looking eyelash extensions. Find an ‘eyelash extension near me’ to get the best natural-looking lash extensions.

Choosing the appropriate CLDC – 

CLDC stands for Curl, Length, Diameter, and Color of the eyelash extensions. The CLDC needs to be decided and customized for every client. This step is necessary even if the client wants the most natural eyelash extensions or dramatic ones. 

Curl – 

It is recommended to use a natural curl. The curl style C and D could be more natural. These two are used when clients demand a dramatic set or a lift to their lash extensions. Curl B is a good option to begin with. It is important to check the client’s natural lashes before deciding on the curl. Anything curlier than the natural curl will not look natural at all. Hence, it is worth learning that first. 

Length –

Make use of a natural length. Do not go for a 15mm lash extension when the client asks for a natural-looking one. It is wise to stick to 12mm or below. Also, decide the length after studying the client’s natural eyelash length. 

Diameter – 

Use a natural diameter.  This is not the hardest thing to do. All you have to do is match the extension’s diameter to the client’s natural lash diameter. The thickest natural lashes usually don’t go above 15mm. So stick to the same range. You don’t want to give your client an 18mm or 20mm extension when their desired look is natural to lash extensions. 

Color – 

Although not common, some use purples and pink as extensions. We urge every artist to stay clear of this. Instead, try using brown lash extensions. They look the most subtle looking eyelash extension look. Black is not a bad option, but you can try brown, and we are sure your client will not complain. 

Combining the above factors and slight variation based on client needs will help you give your client exactly what they are looking for. How to figure out the perfect set of eyelash extensions is on you. Remember that the length and diameter should be smaller if you go for more curls. The lash should have less curl and diameter if you go for more length. Follow these rules to create the best-looking classic lashes. These strategies will enhance customer retention.

Going the classic way or volume way – 

Congratulations! You have mastered choosing the perfect natural lashes for your client. The next critical decision you need to make is classic or volume. Yes, if you don’t already know, it is possible and trending to get natural-looking volume lashes. Here as well, begin by considering the CLDC. For volume lashes, keep the diameter between 0.03mm and 0.10mm. The ideal for achieving a natural look with volume fans is to keep the fans smaller and space them out. Do not have more than 5 lashes per fan. Classic eyelash extensions are always a safe choice. But why not spice it up a little with a natural-looking voluminous set? 

Another unique option is going for a mix of classic and volume called hybrid. If chosen with the correct CLDC, hybrid lashes look phenomenal. 

Choosing lash extension style and pattern – 

Just as you have learned the art of giving your clients classic or volume lashes, you are ready for any style and pattern. These are the two things we urge you to consider when planning and designing your style and pattern of eyelash extensions – 

Natural lash extensions are shorter for inner and outer corners; consider this when planning the design.

Natural lash extension’s lashes are never the same length throughout. 

You will be good to go if you put these two points into practice. If your client asks for a cat-eye effect that is not natural-looking, you can use the right combination of CLDC and give them a stunning natural cat-eye set. And with this, we wrap up our tips to get the best and most natural-looking eyelash extension. We leave the rest to you. Make use of your experience, judgment, and expertise to improvise. You are in the lash industry for a reason, and it is time to prove that.

Parting words –

As we know so far, lashes are important, so we work on enhancing what we already have. Imagine having a beautiful set of natural lash extensions and undone eyebrows. Not the greatest look to look at, right? At Wisp Lashes, services like eyebrow shaping and lamination are also available. Why go for lash extensions when you can get eyebrow grooming done under the same roof? Lookup for lash extensions in Knoxville Tn and get your services done by experts now.


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