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Epitome information about Greek White Marble Tiles

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The beauty of Greek white marble tiles made them a must-have in homes all over the world. Now you can also get beautiful white Greek tiles that will fit right into your Greek or classical design plans. Greek White Marble Tiles is made from the finest white limestone quarries in Greece. These white slabs have been mined since the earliest times and are among the oldest natural stones still used today.

Shapes and colors:

Greek White Marble Tiles can be found in many shapes and colors. These slabs can be cut into blocks, squares and unbroken waves. Greek Unpainted North Greece Tiles is available as 90% white marble tiles or in painted designs. Enjoy the variety of Greek white tile products for sale from local Greek suppliers.

Mix and match contrasting materials to create unusual patterns, or use pure white marble honed slabs along with brightly colored glass, ceramic, stone, or mosaic tiles to achieve an interesting look. Distinctive styles can be achieved by mixing and matching slabs and by combining several materials. One example is using a pure white marble honed bath flooring with a glass shower area that is painted blue, green or red.

Thassos White Marble


You can make the most of your home decorating budget by ordering a quantity of Greek white marble tiles. If you are able to install the slabs yourself, you will save quite a bit of money. Some suppliers offer free installation. Regardless, of whether you choose this method, be sure you have enough of the natural stone to thoroughly cover the entire floor.

Sizes and thickness:

When purchasing Greek tiles, it is important that they are of similar size and thickness. The thicker tiles are going to require more adhesive to keep them together. For smaller mosaic pieces it is possible to use small amounts of glue to hold them together. This may be sufficient to cover large areas, but the addition of a few thinner grout lines will help to make the tiles even more attractive.

Appearance of tiles:

A typical Greek island bathroom design will feature a large round bathtub surrounded by a shower area. For many homeowners, this area will contain a combination of tile and stone tiling. White marble is not susceptible to discolorations, it is often chosen for this application. A typical white kitchen wall tile is also a pure white marble with an attractive pattern and grout lines.

Although the appearance of these two materials can vary considerably, the patterns are usually very similar. Pure white marble has been used for thousands of years to create artistic patterns in both tile and interior decorative applications.

Although this stone is extremely hard wearing and durable, it is still susceptible to stains and scratches. The durability of a tile made from Greek white slabs is due to the high concentration of tessera (fine grinding) and malleability present in the material. With the right adhesive and grout, this material can be cut and shaped just as fine sandstone is.

Grout lines of tiles:

When purchasing this type of tile, there are several things to keep in mind. Grout lines should be uniform and clean. The color may vary slightly from slab to slab due to variations in the mining process and quality. If you have purchased a good quality piece you should be able to determine the exact color level of each tile by carefully inspecting the surface. If there is any doubt about the quality of the tile, it is a good idea to purchase a similar sample.


It is relatively easy to identify Greek marble among other slabs produced in other countries, this material can often be dyed to match a variety of colors. This quality makes it ideal for interior decoration purposes. Durability of this white marbles, it is commonly used as a building material for commercial complexes and office buildings. It can used as a finishing layer on slabs to achieve a glossy and nonporous finish.

Stain resistant:

Unlike other materials, this Greek white marble among others, does not need sealing or grouting. It make it extremely stain resistant, making it suitable for use in places that are frequently exposed to dirt and moisture.

Even though cleaning measures may occasionally be necessary, they are usually minor and will not affect the appearance of the tiles. This makes it the ideal choice for homeowners who want an aesthetically pleasing floor but do not want to spend a great deal of time on maintenance. In addition, it has a high resistance to heat, making it an excellent choice for hot and cold water heating systems.


Since the demand for Greek white marble among other slabs has been increasing in recent years, many well-known manufacturers have come up with variants using various styles of cut, color and pattern. The availability of Greek marble products has helped bring down their costs considerably.

You may now get them at wholesale prices, which will definitely save you a lot of money. You may buy them from both online and offline stores that specialize in marble products. You may also shop from the catalogues available in some home improvement stores.


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