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Easy Tips for a Living Room Refresh

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After the year we’ve all had, it’s only normal that you feel tired of seeing the inside of your home. Perhaps spending most of 2020 and 2021 indoors made you realize that there are certain things that you don’t love about your living room and you think it’s time for a change. Luckily, you don’t have to spend tons of money or use up all of your free time to make that happen. Here are some easy tips that can revamp your living room in no time.

Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls

When looking to refresh your living room, you can think about giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. This is a very easy method of completely transforming a space as it doesn’t take too much money or time. For example, if you’re only looking for a facelift, you can paint the walls in the same shade as before. On the other hand, you can completely change the color scheme of the space. You can consider using a combination of the Pantone Colors of the Year 2021, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, you can stick to neutrals like beige and off-white, or you can go dark with navy blue and dark purple. The choice is yours. Painting the walls is something you can do on your own but if you think you’re not skilled enough, finding a professional to do it is a piece of cake.

Install interesting wallpaper

Another approach you can try when it comes to updating the wall is installing wallpaper. Nowadays, wallpaper comes in a huge array of designs, so much so that you might have a hard time picking just one. From stripes to florals, pick what you think will work best for the space. If you opt for a busy print, you can use it on only one or two walls and keep the rest neutral as, otherwise, you might create a space that is too overwhelming. Installing wallpaper can be difficult for a beginner but you can look up some tutorials if you think you can do it on your own.

Create a statement wall

In addition to opting to cover only one wall with patterned wallpaper, there are other ways you can create a statement wall. For instance, simply painting is enough to make a wall that will be the focal point of the living room. You can keep the other walls neutral or solid colored while creating geometric shapes in different hues on the statement one. Then, you can have a friend paint you a mural and create a centerpiece in that way. Finally, you can cover it in wood panels, create a faux brick wall, or look for a similar idea online.

Rearrange the furniture

An idea that will cost you literally nothing is rearranging the furniture. If the layout has been the same for ages, you can try something new. Put the couch against the opposite wall and move the TV. Then, you can also think about swapping out furniture from different rooms. For example, if you have an armchair in your bedroom reading nook, perhaps you can put it in the living room. Maybe a bedside table can act as an end table as well. Moreover, see if any of your friends are up for a furniture exchange. You can give them some pieces that no longer work for you and they can do the same.

Have furniture pieces reupholstered

If the pieces you have are fine but could be better, you can consider a reupholstering project. Simply by picking out new fabric for your furniture, your whole living room can look brand new. While bigger things like sofas and armchairs are best left to professionals, you can do some things on your own. For instance, you can create new covers for the throw pillows on your couch or you can find instructions on how to reupholster a simple chair or ottoman.

Paint the furniture

Reupholstering is not the only furniture-related project that can help you revamp the space. You can also repaint some of the furniture. From wooden end and coffee tables to bookshelves all the way to sofa and armchair legs and armrests, all you need to do is sand them down a bit and paint them a stunning new color that will breathe some new life into your living quarters.

Get some new pieces

In terms of furniture, you can also get some new pieces if you think that would spruce up the room best. However, if you’re on a budget, there is no need for these items to be brand new. You can surely find some amazing pieces in vintage stores, second-hand shops, and even garage sales. Seeing as how they are more affordable this way, you can even invest some money later on in reupholstering and repainting if the colors don’t match your aesthetic.

Add molding

One easy update that often slips people’s minds is adding molding. Molding comes in various types and styles. For example, you can add crown molding and decorate the transition between the ceiling and the walls. You can keep it simple or opt for a more intricate silhouette; either way, your living room will look more elegant. To do the same thing for the transition between the floor and the walls, look for baseboards that fit your style. Casing and wainscoting can also transform your room in no time. You can find a YouTube tutorial on how to install it yourself after you’ve found the right kind of molding.

Replace light fixtures

Swapping out the light fixtures can also make your living space feel fresh. Other than bringing in a table or floor lamp that used to be in your bedroom, you can also look for new pieces like a pendant light or even a chandelier. Both online shops and vintage stores have a great selection and you should be able to find something that matches the vibe of the room without spending too much money. If your budget is really small, think about repainting or replacing the lampshades. Furthermore, you can simply replace the current bulbs with LED ones that mimic natural light.

Make the space bigger with mirrors

Maybe your living room seems small and cramped. In that case, you want to create an illusion of a much bigger space. One amazing way to do that is by adding mirrors. You can strategically place a few mirrors around the room or you can opt for one larger mirror that will do the same trick. While you might be limited by space, you should try to place it opposite a window so that it also increases the natural light that comes into the room and invites some views of nature. An ornate frame can really add some luxury to the area.

Think about the window treatments

While natural light has many benefits, sometimes you simply need some shade and privacy. With that in mind, you want to think about adding some window treatments or replacing your current ones. You can opt for drapes that will add some grandiosity to the room but you can also go with some elegant roman blinds that work great for smaller spaces. Fortunately, the styles are various and you will not have any issues finding curtains that will cozy up your space even further.

Find a cute rug or two

Speaking of cozying up the living room, you want to put down some rugs. Whether you bring in a rug from another room or look for an eye-catching one online, rugs will help you reduce noise and keep your feet warm and comfy. They come in countless styles so you can think about combining a few of them. For example, lay down a larger one in a neutral color and layer a few patterned ones over it.

Bring in plenty of greenery

Besides natural light, you also want to bring in some other aspects of nature into your living room, such as greenery. No matter the amount of natural light you can provide your houseplants with, you’ll be glad to hear that there are numerous plants you can bring into the living room. For plenty of sunlight, go for the jade plant, the fiddle-leaf fig, bird of paradise, or the ponytail palm. If your living room has low light, pothos, snake plant, dieffenbachia, ZZ plant, and fern varieties might be right for you. Plants can be placed in empty corners, put on bookshelves, or hung from the ceiling, which gives you a wide array of options as well. Look for cute planters that will further enhance the visual appeal of the space.

Hang open shelves

As you surely have plenty of things that you want to be displayed in your living room, you can consider adding some open shelving to the space. If you don’t already have some installed, rest assured that it is not at all difficult to get some up on your wall. You can simply buy premade boards and install them but you can also try making some unique ones from the furniture you no longer need. The options abound so take this opportunity to display your books, plants, art, travel memories, and more.

Don’t forget plenty of hidden storage

On the other hand, sometimes your living space is full of clutter that is only making a mess. If you’re not willing to part ways with certain knick knacks but you just can’t find the right spot for them, you should consider adding some storage with doors behind which you can hide everything that you don’t want on display. Other than cabinets and chests, you can also look into seating options that double as storage.

Display interesting art

Finally, something that will tie the whole room together and bring in a breath of fresh air is interesting art. From purchasing supplies and making some on your own to supporting local artists by getting unique pieces from them, there are a wide variety of ways you can add some stunning artwork to your living quarters. Whether you lean a big piece against the wall, place a smaller print on a shelf, or hang a framed masterpiece on the wall, this move will surely transform the space.

Refreshing your living room doesn’t have to be a pricy endeavor. By opting for some of these easy tricks, you can have a space that feels brand new in no time.


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