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Different Types of Laboratory Equipments for a School Laboratory

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For the students of higher standards in school, the laboratory is very important. If you are studying science, geography, math, etc. you have to use the laboratory for several purposes. A school laboratory is the basic one where you are going to need basic laboratory equipment.

Here you are going to know about the basic laboratory equipment required for a school laboratory. Read on to know more-


For any basic laboratory, a microscope should be there. It is one of the basic pieces of equipment that you can have in a school laboratory. Institutions like, schools and colleges can have a light microscope that uses natural light and also several types of magnifying lenses. For observing tiny specimens, this type of microscope is used.


In a school laboratory, glassware is used for several purposes. Beakers are one of the glassware that is a must-have in a school laboratory. These are cylindrical containers that come with a flat bottom and opened mouth. The opening also has a spout for easy use. Beakers are available in different sizes and shapes and these are used for mixing different substances. Also, you can hold it to heat substances for several experiments.

Test Tubes

These are school laboratory equipment that is needed for different types of experiments. Test tubes are kind of cylindrical pipes, made of glass. These containers have a rounded bottom and a circular opening. Test tubes are available in different sizes but the common standard of size is 18*150mm. The function of the test tube is to storing and mixing elements and agents. These are used in biological and chemical reactions.

Magnifying Glass

Though it is not like other complex laboratory equipment, it is one of the most important apparatuses that you will need in many experiments. As the name suggests, a magnifying glass is used to observe any objects in large and magnified style to find out any small calibrations. With a wooden handle, the magnifying glass is made of a convex lens.


All school laboratories are equipped with a basic thermometer as it is used for several purposes. It is used to measure the temperature of different agents before using those in any experiments. For any chemical and biological reactions, a basic thermometer is used. Also, it is used to measure the temperature of any solutions before proceeding with further steps of experiments.

Bunsen Burner

While talking about the most important pieces of equipment for the school laboratory, you can’t forget the Bunsen burner. This is one of the most functional lab apparatuses that produce a single flame. For sterilizing different objects along with heating different agents, a Bunsen burner is used in the laboratories. It assists in running different experiments.

Weighing Machine

Finally, this is the laboratory equipment that must be there in a basic school laboratory. While performing any experiments in a laboratory, you need to use every agent and element at a certain unit. You need a very little amount of reagents to avoid any accidents. Only the measuring cups are not enough to measure that tiny amount of reagents. Weighing machines can rescue you from that trouble. These are handy machines that can measure any small quantity of reagents, required for any experiment. Every laboratory has such weighing machines.

So, here are some of the most used laboratory equipment that is used in a school laboratory. Apart from these, there are several other types of equipment that are also used, like scalpels, tongs, Petri dishes, clamps, faucets, tripods, scissors, etc. While using any of this equipment, you have to be very careful. Always use these under the guidance of the lab assistant or your professor.

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