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Decorative Window Tinting Offers More than Just Aesthetics – Know-How

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As most homeowners would know, Sydney window tinting offers a broad spectrum of benefits – increased energy efficiency, enhanced protection against UV rays, reduced glare & heat from the sun, improved privacy and safety. As such, they are often apprehensive about installing decorative window films, thinking they will not stand up to their expectations. But many homeowners do not know that even decorative window tinting has much more to offer than just enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

Give Your Home a Complete Makeover

Window glass does not need to be boring and unimpressive anymore. There are so many options to revamp the look with colourful and decorative window films.

Decorative films are self-adhesive films, available in various attractive patterns, prints and shades. From bedroom to bathroom, skylight, basement window, garage door, entryway or even your home office – transform any space into a beautiful piece of art using decorative window films. You can even create your own design and customise your space using your creative flare.

Privacy Comes More Affordable Now

Want privacy at home? Want to keep prying eyes from peeking through your glass windows? You can also use tinted decorative windows films to ensure your privacy. Most interestingly, decorative films can be cheaper than other Sydney window tinting options.

A Nice Alternative to Etched Glass

For a stunning look to your home, etched glasses work perfectly. However, etched glasses are quite expensive and it’s not affordable for everyone. With decorative window tinting you can achieve the same look and elegance without burning a hole in your pocket. Decorative window films also allow you to play with various patterns, prints and hues – making any space stand out but without breaking the bank.

Enjoy Captivating Views Outside

If your home overlooks a beautiful lawn or a backyard, installing one way decorative films on your doors and windows can help you enjoy the picturesque view outside. These films work as a one-way mirror of sorts, the people outside can’t see in, but you can see outside.

For professional Sydney window tinting, consult an expert. North Shore Window Tinting has the experience to install any type of window film with utmost precision and quality.


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