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Connect With Xiaomi Routers

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All the Xiaomi products have a stature of being bang for the buck, and such are the characteristic of devices introduced in this blog. In today’s date were, working from home is becoming the new norm, it’s essential to have a good WIFI network at home. To fill our necessity in a pandemic, Xiaomi offers us the perfect gear.

Mi routers are the key to fast and persistent internet in every corner of your house. The Chinese tech giant has long been in the WIFI router trajectory and has now come forward with the fourth generation of their routers. Here is a hands-on review of some of the best WIFI routers available in Pakistan that Xiaomi has to offer.

Mi AIot Router AX3600

To kick it off, we have the best of its kind and a flagship router from Xiaomi. The Mi AIot router AX3600 is a beast of a router pioneering the 5G scene in the world. The impeccable design of the router resembles an alien spaceship starring in a Hollywood blockbuster. The black alien ship from Xiaomi has a pyramid-shaped geometrical body design, surrounded by seven external antennas, including an AIot antenna to automatically excess nearby Smart devices.

The router is jampacked with the latest technology to help you achieve wonders in internet speed and coverage. Xiaomi has advertised the router to support up to 3-Gb of wireless internet transmission. With its six-core professional chipset from Qualcomm, the router guarantees 20% faster data uploading speed, 33% enhanced performance and a lot more stable internet connection.

The AX36000 can connect up to 248 devices and only utilize 20% of its total CPU capacity. The 2.4Ghz band transmits the signal across walls and long distances, while the 5Ghz provides high-speed internet for high-resolution video streaming and lag-free multiplayer gaming. The sixth generation of wireless standards (WIFI 6) incorporated in the router is 155% faster than the conventional WIFI 5 rates.

More in the tech-savvy Mi A lot router AX3600 features that separates it from traditional routers is the modernistic OFDMA technology that provides low latency and simultaneous transmission to multiple devices. Plus, the beamforming technology automatically detects devices and increases the signal strength in that area. In terms of the user experience, you get complete parental control over your home network either monitor or control the type of content you browse or the time you spend browsing.

Mi AIot router AX3600 is the monarch that showcases state-of-the-art technology and active assistance in managing your home internet network. You can order yours online at Mistore, where the Mi AIot router AX3600 price is Rs 8,499.

MI Router 4A

The Mi router 4A is a dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz WIFI smart router. The matte white plastic body of the router has a subtle geometric design that fits with any room decor. The slim and elegant body is packed with modern technology to make your life easy. The device offers many smart functions along with faster and smothers internet coverage. The router supports a max WIFI speed of 1167MBps through its four external antennas. 4A is also capable of powering a substantial number of smart devices with its 64MB large memory.

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This is smart enough to detect errors and redesign its algorithm to avoid jamming of signals. And is your solution for connecting all your 2.4G and 5G home devices under a single wireless network.

Now let’s mention those Mi router 4A features that make this device ingenious and user efficient. With this router, you have the absolute power to control every bit of your home WIFI network, effortlessly via an app. You can control the time your child surfs the internet along with the type of content they consume. Via the app, you get active notifications of new devices that connect to your network along with those unauthorized devices that try to barge into your private network.

The easy-to-use and eco-friendly router has been tested by over 220,000 test cycles before it reaches your door. MI router 4A price is listed at PKR 3,999 online at Mistore, so be quick to upgrade your home internet in such a budge value.

Mi Router 4C

The Mi router 4C is another minimalistic router from Xiaomi. It belongs to the same incredible series the router 4A rises from. Thus, both routers have much resemblance. Both showcase the same classic white plastic body design and incorporates a similar four external antenna setup. However, the router 4C has a mere difference in price tag. Mi router 4C price is listed for PKR 3,199. The router is a more budget-oriented model but still has most of the latest tech embedded in it. You get a similar 64MB large memory to connect numerous devices along with the convenient smart-app controls.

More in the MI router 4C features, you get 300Mbps of fast and stable internet over 2.4GHz wireless bandwidth. The router promises you complete control over your WIFI through your smartphone. You can optimes your router to prioritize a specific bandwidth to a single device or optimize your network speed by a single click on the WIFI optimization button on the app. The smartness of this router doesn’t end here, the router sends you alerts whenever a new device is connected or when an unauthorized device tries to sneak in. With the app, you can permanently block these types of suspicious intrusions by blocking those devices.

With easy installation and a user interface that even an elder could operate, the mi router 4C is the best router on the cheaper side.


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