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Cold Calling Effectivity and Medical B2B Sales

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Is the cold call officially dead for modern B2B sales reps targeting the medical and healthcare industry? Some reps probably wish it was; there’s something about making a cold call and feeling the rejection most cold calls produce that chills a sales rep’s soul. Perhaps that’s why it’s called cold calling. When cold calling is the only option, there are ways to do it effectively; when targeting healthcare professionals in New Brunswick, your first call should be to MD Select to secure your subscription to a New Brunswick doctors directory.

Improving Your Cold Calling Using MD Select

Lead generation is vital for B2B marketers. Cold calling is a method used to solicit business from a prospect that has had zero prior contact with you as a salesperson. It’s a highly inefficient method, because it takes hundreds of calls to generate one in-person sales meeting. That’s not a highly productive radio. Using a New Brunswick physicians directory, you can at least find a list of credible leads that might be better prospects for cold calling. For example, if you’re selling medical devices used by heart surgeons, you could search your list of doctors in New Brunswick and quickly generate a list of heart surgeons operating in the province. That is a much better target audience for potential cold calls. Here are a few more tips on ways to improve your cold calling efforts:

  • You shouldn’t attempt a hard sell the first time you call. Your primary initial goal is to lay the foundation for future calls. You ultimately want to coordinate an in-person meeting, so being too pushy on your cold call will reduce your chances of moving the relationship forward.
  • There’s no need to use a script. Remember, a first impression on the phone is important. Be natural and conversational. It’s the best way to open the door for future meetings.
  • Using MD Select’s New Brunswick physician directory, you will have gained a lot of important knowledge about your prospect. However, use your call to try and get more information that can help you build a successful sales proposal.
  • Recognize the fact that cold calling is a numbers game. It may take 100 calls to secure five conversation. Only one of those may result in an actual meeting.

Warm Up Your Cold Calling With Follow Up Efforts

As a marketer, you may use inbound marketing to try to connect with prospects. Perhaps you hosted a webinar that attracted dozens of viewers. Rather than cold calling prospects, you could place a “warm call” to each of the people who attended your webinar, asking them if they have any follow up questions. This personal connection is much better than simply calling someone with whom you’ve had zero interaction. Using your New Brunswick doctors directory, you can generate a highly-focused list of potential candidates for your marketing. You can then target them with your marketing, using tactics that may encourage them to connect with you or provide you with their information. That’s a first step toward a broader engagement. You’ll have a better chance at reaching them with a cold call once they’re aware of your products and services.

Cold calling has limited effectiveness, but sometimes it’s a tactic you have to use. Make it easier by subscribing to MD Select.


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