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Beyond The Badge Inspiring Achievements Of Women IPS Officers

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Since times immemorial it has been the unspoken norm of human civilisation where the males exist to protect the females and take upon themselves all kinds of dangers to keep their companion safe all the time. It is the man of the society who was expected to get headlong into all kinds of daunting situations as the woman stayed behind to nurture the household. However, modern civilization has seen one of the greatest revolutions where it is not the man but the woman who is taking up the baton to claim the powerful position in the gender hierarchy, toppling all stereotypes and scepticism. The woman is not just a decorative item in a man’s life anymore but an embodiment of authority, resilience, and strength who doesn’t flinch an eye even once before walking straight into the heart of danger. In Indian society, the women IPS officers in India are like valiant guardians who are reshaping the face of society with their unwavering grit, determination, and courage.

Here are some of the famous women IPS officers of India who are no less than trailblazers of women empowerment:

Kanchan Choudhary Bhattacharya

When Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya joined the Indian Police Services as the sole female trainee in her cohort, everyone assumed that it would be extremely difficult to compete for a powerful post, especially when the opponents are of the other sex. However, she foiled everyone’s expectations when she became the first woman IPS officer in Uttar Pradesh and the first Woman Deputy Inspector General of Police in Bareilly. Throughout her career, she worked on some remarkable cases like the murder of Syed Modi, the seventh-time National Badminton Champion, and also the infamous Reliance Bombay Dyeing case. However, it was not just her badge that brought her all the honour and glory, but also the battle she put up with cancer with equal fearlessness, that added sheen to her already illustrated career.

Sanjukta Parashar

Sanjukta Parashar’s name is synonymous with a nightmare in the heart of the terrorists who set an outstanding record of taking down 16 militants within her 15 months of posting in Assam. She was in charge of controlling the ethnic violence that was palpable in the Udalguri between the illegal Bangladeshi militants and the Bodo community. With her AK-47 she marched in steadfast in the terror-infested Sonitpur with her team of CRPF soldiers and emerged victorious. However, it is not just her role as a formidable officer with the badge that gives her a distinct position in the list of the intrepid ladies of India but her compassionate, humble, and philanthropic nature that gives a glimpse of who Sanjukta is beyond her role as the Iron Lady of Assam.

Vimla Mehra

Not all law enforcers can equally work for society as social reformers but Vimla Mehra has donned that hat too. After joining the position of an IPS officer from the 1978 batch from Arunachal Pradesh, Vimla served in different roles the Director General of Tihar Jail, the Deputy Inspector General of the Rapid Action Force in the CRPF, the Deputy Commissioner of Police at Crimes Against Women Cell, and so on. During her posting at Tihar jail, she brought about multiple reformations like introducing vocational courses for the inmates to expand the scope of their employment. She extended her efforts to empower the female inmates by organising foreign language courses for them, establishing a helpline number, and introducing defence classes for them which set a significant milestone in her career that could not be matched by anyone.

Kiran Bedi

A dedicated social activist and reformer by heart, and a gutsy police officer by profession. This description pretty much sums up the first woman IPS officer of India, Kiran Bedi. Being the herald of prison reform in India, Kiran had garnered accolades for her contribution as a narcotics officer, administrator, anti-terrorist specialist, and also the first woman United Nations Civilian Police Adviser. In spite of all these honorary positions that she held throughout her career, Kiran is still recognised for her reformation work in the Tihar prison complex. Nothing passed her eyes unnoticed as she wholeheartedly fought against corruption and human rights abuses in the prison, and also addressed the sanitation and nutrition issues in the prison environment. But who is Kiran Bedi beyond her badge? Well, the answer lies in Kiran Bedi’s passion for social work and changing society which was supplemented by her distinguished skills as a tennis player and an eminent writer.

Dr. Meera Chadha Borwankar

Meera gave a three-decade-long service to the post of Indian Police Service and it is the regular battle with danger and fight to bring justice that got penned down in her book Madam Commissioner: The Extraordinary Life of an Indian Police Chief. Joining the IPS in the year 1981 from the Maharashtra cadre, Meera soon became the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Mumbai. She got the opportunity to work on several challenging cases like the Abu Salem extradition, the Jalgaon sex scandal, and many more like that. Over the years Meera went on to challenge the gender stereotypes, sexist attitudes, and tentative harassment for being a woman in this male-dominated position but that didn’t deter her from exhibiting thorough professionalism and discipline in her position.

Celebrating International Women’s Day every year has become a trend but India does not need one single day to honour the valour and achievements of these powerful daughters of India who have not only inspired millions with their fearlessness but also embedded their name in Indian history with their incredible contributions.


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