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Best Sports car

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By the way, you must have heard about many best sports car the car I am going to talk about today is very different from all these cars, it may sound strange to hear but it is true, as much fun as driving a sports car.

It does not happen in a common car because sports car runs very fast, today we will talk about the best sports in this blog, so read our blog completely so that all your understanding can be cleared.Best sports car will change your lifestyle. Sports have a big impact on your life.Top 5 best sports car are given below.

Top 5 Best Sports Car.

  • Audi R8
  • BMW7 Series
  • Lamborghini Huracan EVO 
  • Mercedes Benz-AMG
  • Ferrari SF90

1.Audi R8

Audi R8 is the best model Hey Audi company The price of this vehicle is Rs .2.72 crores, its mileage is 6.71 kmpl. It has many good features which are very rare in other car.it has many colors like Brown, Black, White, and Gray colors.

Price ₹ 2.72Mileage 6.71 kmplEngine 5205cc
Transmission AutomaticFuel Type petrolSeat Double

2. BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 car is a very good car, the most important thing in this is that it runs on both petrol and diesel and its mileage is also very good and its price is 1. 68 crores. This is a BMW 7 series car and all its series cars are available in hybrid option.

Fuel Type Petrol Diesel (Hybrid electric)Engine 6592ccPower 850 Nm
Drive train RWD & AWDAcceleration 6.3 secondsSpeed 250 to 300 kmph

3. Lamborghini Huracan EVO 

This car is very poor and system has been made accordingly, in which it has been made under the best technology and system. The rate of this car is 4.99 crores which is one of the most expensive cars ever. Its engine is based on the latest technology and many extra technology.

Engine 5204 ccBHP640 bhpTransmissionAutomatic +5

Other feature:

  • Power Window Front.
  • Anti lock system.
  • Fully Air conditioner.
  • Automatic control.

4. Mercedes Benz-AMG 

Mercedes Benz-AMG is the best car ever This car is built on full anti lac and anti brake system This car is priced at Rs. 2.60 Cr. Good model which costs between Rs. 1.68 Cr to Rs. 30 Cr. Mercedes Benz-AMG is the latest model from the Mercedes company.

Engine 3998 ccBHP639 bhpTransmission Automatic system

Other feature:

  • Power Window Front.
  • Anti lock system.
  • Fully Air conditioner.
  • Automatic control

5. Ferrari SF90

Ferrari SF90 is on of the most luxury car of all time this car is designed by indian artist. This car is based on future technology and anti less hybrid technology this is very amazing and price of this car 7.50 crore this is very expensive amount of this car.t his is two seater car.

Engine 3990 ccBHP820 bhpTransmission Automatic system

Other Features.

  • Anti Classical Lock system.
  • Future Technology System.
  • Fuel Petrol.
  • Displacement.


All the things we talked about above, this is a luxury car, also Do what I have talked about in my blog, all these cars are the best sports cars if you like our blog, share it as much as possible


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