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Common Issues Faced by Samsung Laptops

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Whenever you look for a laptop in the store or showroom it is pretty evident that something that you would hardly find in the laptop brands is samsung. Even though you can easily find the best samsung repair center in Singapore and around the world, what could be the premiere reason that samsung laptops did not have manners to impress the customers as much as samsung smartphones did. In today’s blog we’re going to discuss various issues of waste by samsung laptops on a common basis that might clear the fog over the reason why laptops by samsung did not manage to fetch fame for themselves.

Some of the issues that were faced by best samsung repair center in Singapore and around the world on a common base are as follows:

  • Forgetting Passwords on a Samsung Laptop: It is one of the heart problems that many repair centres have faced on a common basis in which the user used to lose Samsung Windows laptop password.which is the reason why they were unable to pass the login screen. To your surprise we would like to tell you that this issue can be solved pretty easily with the help of some third party software repairing tools like Windows Password Recovery Tool. Many users also try to solve this problem with the help of trying to reset Windows user password on Samsung PC but as far as our knowledge is concerned this process is quite time taking and creates a lot of trouble for someone who applies it and is already frustrated with his present problem.
    There are many Windows Password Recovery ToolThat are compatible with the various versions of Windows and allows the user to even remove the admin password. it also allows the user with the facility to create a new account for logging in on a laptop which has been locked with the following simple steps which are as follows: –

    – After installing a Windows Password Recovery Tool on another computer insert an external hard disk drive in order to burn the reset disk.

    – Now you need to plug the created password recovery disk  inside the Samsung laptop and press F12 repeatedly on startup to enter the Boot Menu which will allow you to choose to boot from disk.

    – In the next step you are required to load Windows Password Recovery Tool after which the user is free to decide to recover the password or reset it.
  • Samsung Takes Forever to Turn on or Shut Down: Another frustrating issue in  Samsung laptops apart from the various issues that they are filled with is that the device over time fills with programs, files, cached logs and so on which in turn slows down the speed of your Samsung laptop.
    – Regularly clean the dust: It is most important to keep the device away from dust which in turn adds to the life of your laptop.
    – Disable any unnecessary startup programs and services can also be an important method to improve shut down and start up time.
    – Run disk cleanup: Go to the Drive C and check for the files you don’t need any more and delete them.
  • Samsung laptops usually get stuck at Boot Screen: This is yet another very commonly faced issue in Samsung laptops behind which the main culprit is the hardware itself of the system. One of the methods that can help you is by removing any external hard drives that have been attached to the device and rebooting the machine in order to check if the issue can be fixed or not. If this doesn’t help, try reinstalling the Operating System. Another possible solution could be to check the hardware. To do so enter BIOS and check whether it can detect hardware information under the SysInfo tab.
  • Samsung Laptop Overheats and Fan is Making Noise: If you are stuck with this issue then the overheating problems is probably due to high temperatures of the machine which is also a risk that can cause damage to the internal components resulting in and your laptop may shut down abruptly which is a self protection mechanism of the machine.
    – Clean up the dust and fluff: To solve the issue you can clean the CPU fan, graphics card fan in addition to other component fans that the device might have. This process includes opening your laptop hence you must be prepared regarding it.
    – End task and process: Press Ctrl + Shift + ESC to open Task Manager. Select the program and process to force quit.
    – Adjust power plan: If your device is facing this problem then changing the power plan is a must step.
  • Samsung Black Screen on Restart: this issue can be arised due to either hardware issues or software therefore restarting the device can solve this problem.

If the above steps fail to resolve your issue then looking for the best samsung repair center in Singapore might be a rescue.


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