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6 Best IPTV apps for Smart TV in 2021

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Nowadays, a very large percentage of people watch TV online i.e. not via satellite, but only via Wi-Fi, especially when watching IPTV channels that is, watching TV channels through to IPTV technology, which has become so popular that there are many IPTV applications that allow you to play and watch encrypted and open channels on smart TV for free or for a fee. So, if you don’t know how to choose the right app, in this column I will show you the 5 best IPTV apps to watch online channels on smart TV.

If you want to enjoy watching live channels and matches etc. on a smart TV, you should know that it is necessary to resort to an application that allows you to operate M3U IPTV Lists. So, I am going to introduce you to the ideal options for a better online Smart TV viewing experience.

Best IPTV Apps for Smart TV

1- VLC

Undoubtedly, in case you have Smart TV support for Android, VLC app is the premium player for playing m3u files. It is a popular open source application that allows you to play videos, music, and any other type of content without any add-ons or restrictions.

To use the app, you just need to go to the Google Play Store on your smart TV, search for the VLC app and install it in the usual way. When done, enter it and click on the media at the top, then tap on Open network location to bring up a window that includes the URL entry box for any channel you want to play.

2- Kodi

It is one of the most popular apps which allows you to easily and smoothly play channels, movies and videos, on various devices including Android Smart TV as well as Apple TV devices. As with the launcher above, you can install it through a Google Play store Simply.

One of the most used apps to play IPTV files to watch encrypted channels, besides that, it allows you to watch most movies and series as well as many different TV shows. The app works very efficiently and you won’t have any issues with it.

3– Lazy IPTV

A very interesting application also supports many file formats including IPTV surveillance files. The app is easy to use because it allows you to customize the main interface, like creating a shortcut for channels to make it easier to operate when the app is open, and you can also create lists and add content. content to favorites. You should know that this app is only a launcher, because you can play videos and files on IPTV channels with good performance on smart TV like it is with Kodi player and VLC.

The app recommends playing IPTV files in m3u or xspf format for better viewing experience. In addition, the app includes many important features that allow you to enjoy very easy and comfortable operation on a smart TV.


Another very popular application in IPTV world, due to its free services and high efficiency in playing files in many formats including, m3u, asx, xspf, pls, and you can play any video or audio clip, online or offline. The application is characterized by many other features such as the ability to access the content of the service provider, parental control functionality, elegance and ease of use, high performance in operation.

5- IPTV Smarters Pro

This popular app is also a media player for IPTV files because you can play them with high performance. It is designed to work with any smart TV, but with special support for Samsung and LG brands, not to mention Android support. Easy to use app, all you need to do is download IPTV file or put url link or connect to it through Xtream Codes API.

As with most other apps, this app does not allow you built-in IPTV channels because you have to provide them yourself and run them smoothly on the app. A customizable app, because it allows you to organize your lists, run a VPN on it, and one of the cool features is that it can run and show multiple screens with different content at the same time, this is suitable for brothers who are always arguing over what to watch on TV.

6– GSE Smart IPTV

An application that allows us to watch IPTV abonnement on smart TV through m3u lists that allow us to access all encrypted and open channels and play movies and series. Besides, you can also install the app on some TV Box devices like the famous Amazon Fire TV Stick device and some other devices that come with this app are preinstalled and it should be noted that the app is also compatible with devices Apple TV.

The application is available on the Google Play Store and its official website, of course, the easiest and fastest way to install the application on our smart TV, is through the Google Play Store, just enter this last on the TV, download and install it simply.


These were the most powerful and best apps to watch IPTV channels on Smart TV, they all work on various Android TV devices and on different Box TV devices, as well as some of them supporting Apple TV.


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