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B2B SaaS Customer Retention Strategy: The art of onboarding

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You’ve invested time developing B2B SaaS marketing material to nurturing your leads, and they’ve progressed through your marketing funnel and raised their hands to indicate interest in your product. You’ve committed time, energy, and money to acquire new clients. That’s where a specialised B2B marketing agency helps you with customer retention.

Obtaining consumers is only the first step toward a fruitful collaboration. And it’s no longer simply about increasing quickly. According to some papers, customer retention is becoming a more cost-effective technique for building continual growth for B2B SaaS enterprises. 

However, if resources are shifted to customer retention, what kind of strategy may a B2B SaaS marketing Agency imply?

Customer onboarding entrepreneurs. Customer turnover is unavoidable, thus investing in improved SaaS retention techniques is critical. 

In this article, we will go through some of the most effective SaaS client retention tactics utilized by b2b marketing agencies.

Customer Support: 

Stop keeping your customers in the dark. The most profitable SaaS Marketing Agency are those that engage their users fully.

That does not imply going all in until they become paying clients. This entails following up at every stage of the process. So much churn is caused by people who are dissatisfied with the level of service and support they receive.

Avoid this by going above and beyond in terms of customer service. Follow up on support requests to ensure an acceptable resolution, and then follow up again weeks later to check whether the customer is still satisfied or if anything else is required from you.

Offer Useful Content:

Along with providing software, SaaS providers also give good user manuals. Create SaaS-friendly material like instruction manuals, guidelines, films demonstrating software features, send fax from Gmail or monthly email newsletters highlighting software improvements. Create a team to provide your customers with real-time product training. Take them through every facet of your goods. You become a part of customer learning provides your customer with a customised experience. This keeps you close to the customer and fosters loyalty.

Always be On-time:

Yes! On-time fulfilment is the secret sauce to any client retention strategy in the SaaS industry. Keep to the deadline. One of the things that will give value to your consumers is a well-planned project timeframe. Maintain a regular interaction schedule with your consumer to share progress updates. Business transactions are based on trust, and you must gain the trust of your customers through dedicated interactions and on-time delivery.

Monitor the metrics and engagement: 

Each brand measures success in a unique way. The trick is determining what your key performance indicators and success metrics are. When you know exactly what you’re going to track, you can design plans and campaigns around your current baselines and proceed from there. It should be just more than a money thing.

Customer experience data contains a wealth of information. Patterns in the customer journey and how they utilize your product can be identified. You’d know which product features people rely on the most. Custom-built customer experience data applications detect churning customers’ behaviour, allowing you to remain ahead of the game and retarget them with the appropriate messaging.

Be transparent: 

Here’s a lesson that applies to more than just business: be honest and straightforward about challenges. Things do happen. No product or service is going to be perfect all of the time.

The trick is to be ready for when it comes. Have a plan in place like sending them, emails, faxes, or any notifying methods your customers about outages, disruptions, or security breaches. When even the smallest problem emerges, be the first to notify your customers, explaining exactly what is wrong and what you are doing to repair it.

Take Customer Feedback: 

Obtaining consumer feedback is the first step in finding flaws in your product or service. It enables you to determine what went wrong, resulting in client turnover. Create a customer survey that includes both closed-ended and open-ended questions. Exit polls will provide you with a wealth of information. Although there is a probability that the consumer who provided the feedback will remain. However, the insights will assist you in the future in increasing client retention.

The Account Manager does not have to wait or be startled if a customer requests to cancel in the SaaS model. Teams may obtain a well-informed perspective of the customer’s engagement with the product long before the client considers cancelling.


We hope you enjoyed our look at the finest client retention techniques for 2021. Retention is an underappreciated component of SaaS success, even though SaaS organizations have a plethora of resources at their disposal to reduce turnover.

What is your preferred retention strategy? Let us know which ones spoke to you in the comments! We’d love to see you put them into action.

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