Antique Wooden Toys Maintenance and Restoration Tips

For many who like and collect them, vintage wooden toys are actually considered treasures and generally should be treated as valuable possessions. These creations are made in order to entertain, encourage and provide fun not only to boys and girls, but also to adults who have collected them as a hobby.

Antique wooden toys have been a source of fun and recreation for many centuries. Due to their long history, they have also evolved into several different varieties. For example, the old days saw the popularity of collectibles like German dolls, cars, and other rolling toys with spinning wheels, among others. Meanwhile, in modern versions, there are wooden Disney characters and wooden pop culture figures that are mainly used for marketing and advertising. But whatever type it is, the fact is that vintage wooden toys are a great collectible option.

In the process of maintaining and restoring antique wooden toys, you should consider these basic but very useful tips:

– Try to look inside your wooden toy, be it a figure, doll, or anything else and determine if there is an old wind-up device. To do this, you must carefully and slowly pull the head back while looking into the body of the toy. You will likely find a hollow space inside. Most old wooden toys are jointed, which means that the limbs and parts are likely to be movable. This is because they are commonly manufactured with a certain rubber spool mechanism. Therefore, you should see if your toy also contains a coil or a rubber band.

– Now the next thing you need to do is pull the joints gently and slowly, just like you did before. You have to do this to see if the rope or cord is loose. As you do the same, you can also look inside and find if there is any kind of fraying on the rubber band or the edge of the toy’s string. Now to restrict, you can use a pair of pliers and use something like a thick rubber band or string. In doing so, you must start at the bottom. However, keep in mind that this can only be done with small toys a couple of inches tall. But with most original vintage wooden toys, you may need to consult and get help from a professional toy restorer or expert as they probably have better tools than you. Also note that if the wrist is too tight, there is a chance that parts will be damaged in the process. So the best thing to do is ask a toy restoration expert for help.

– Aside from restoration, it is also your job to maintain and clean your old wooden toys in order to keep their value intact. You can seek professional and expert advice online or even at your local toy restoration store to find out how you can effectively clean and maintain your collection.

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