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Adventurous Things You Can Do in The UAE

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Many adventurous travellers visit the UAE all year because it provides so many opportunities. The UAE is where you must visit if you’re planning a wonderful trip full of exciting adventures anytime soon. This article provides a list of outstanding outdoor adventures in the UAE for thrill-seekers and relaxation devotees.

Zipline in Rak:

The world’s longest zipline, Jebel Jais Flight, has been added to the UAE’s list of honors. This iconic zipline, which spans about 3 kilometres and features Ras Al Khaimah’s scenic hills as a breath-taking backdrop, allows you to fly through Jebel Jais at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour. Ziplining in the northern emirate is a great weekend trip from Dubai, with a mix of outdoor activities and greater fun.

You can also take the Jais Sky Tour, which covers a range of 5 km over a series of 7 ziplines, to get a panoramic view of the Jebel Jais region. This is one of the best ways to appreciate the magnificence of the Hajar mountains.

Ride A Hot Air Balloon:

Experience the rush of this open-air pleasure, which is undoubtedly one of Dubai’s most thrilling outdoor activities. Treat your eyes to the beautiful sunrise skies while flying in a hot-air balloon in Dubai. As you fly above the city in an hour-long journey, the golden sands of the desert, the morning sun, and the majestic mountains will pass beneath you.

Certain package offerings include a peregrine falcon adventure, which is highly recommended if you are an ornithology lover.

Slingshot at Global Village:

The Slingshot ride, also referred to as the moving bungee, is another must-do outdoor activity in the UAE. You are tossed into the air and made to spin around for a few minutes in the atmosphere before securely returning to Earth. A two-person capsule is secured to the ground and held in place by two lengths of reinforced cables coupled to a box.

Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai:

When it comes to outdoor adventurous activities in the UAE, Dubai has a great deal to offer. Dune buggy excursions in the desert are one of the most popular outdoor activities in Dubai. Take to the high-performance dune buggies and quad bikes to conquer the untamed Arabian Desert. The best thing is that this excursion does not require a driver’s licence. You will be accompanied by a trained guide who will assure your safety. You can also find this activity in Abu Dhabi. It is basically a type of desert safari that includes an additional activity of dune buggy.

To get the best experience, choose the most suitable Dubai or Abu Dhabi desert safari deal.

Scuba Diving in Fujairah:

Beautiful coasts and gorgeous vistas abound in Fujairah. For professional and casual scuba divers, Fujairah’s untouched diving areas are a favorite adventure destination in the UAE. After looking at the coastline, you can explore many reefs and underwater cliffs. Some of Fujairah’s top scuba diving destinations include Martini Rock, Sharm Rocks, Martini Bay, and Snoopy Island.

Rock Climbing in Khab Al Shamsi:

In the United Arab Emirates, rock climbing is progressively gaining popularity. Visit the Khab Al Shamsi, a great rock-climbing spot in Musandam, to test your endurance and skill to the mark. Climbers will enjoy exploring the Wadi’s tiny passageways and high canyon cliffs. Climbers will also find lots of shaded spaces to continue their trip.

Make sure to take part in all these adventurous activities during your next visit to the UAE. Also, follow all safety protocols to have a safe experience.


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