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A Short Description on Hurricane Proof Glass

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Hurricanes are becoming increasingly powerful. As per investigations conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), hurricane wind speeds have boosted by 5%, comparable to 20-25 years earlier, constituting additional water vapor.

At the very same period, population and residential prices are expanding around hurricane-prone beaches, increasing the probability of severe natural calamities. In 2016, the United States solely lost 15 billion dollars; in 1980, the amount was just 300 million dollars.

Following Hurricane Andrew’s devastation of the southeast United States in 1992, Florida legislation now requires that any property developed after 2001 be equipped with hurricane-resistant glass or hurricane-resistant windows and doors. A Miami-Dade certification was also issued to demonstrate the appropriateness of windows and glass in Dade County.

What are the effects of the Hurricane on your home?

Hurricanes can cause harm in two ways:

There are five different levels of hurricanes:

Level 1 – 120-155 km/h

Level 2 – 156-179 km/h

Level 3 – 180-210 km/h 

Level 4 – 211-250 km/h

Level 5 – Greater than 250 km/h

Hurricanes are known for their high wind speeds and pressures, which break tiles, boards, and insulation from rooftops, exposing your property to the environment swiftly. Additionally, anything exposed outdoors can be grabbed in the wind and smash the glass.

When a glass is smashed, the glass pieces form projectiles that can injure persons nearby.

Damages are caused by windows that have pulled out or have fallen.

If the window framing is not robust sufficiently, not just will the glass parts break, but the windows themselves will be damaged, and the wall between the internal and external will be destroyed.

The wind enters the room immediately and destroys everything within. Water can infiltrate your property through these flaws, creating instant and long-term destruction to your house and valuables.

What is hurricane-resistant glass?

Heat processed monolithic glass can be utilized as hurricane-resistant glass , even though tempered glass is five times stronger than regular float glass because it can collapse into fragments after being smashed, causing more harm to individuals whenever the Hurricane arrives with a severe thunderstorm and wind.

As a result, hurricane-resistant glass must fulfill some requirements:

● It has high toughness and is impossible to break.

● After breaking, glass maintains its durability and cannot be pierced.

The glass and window framing for hurricane windows should be secured so that they do not fall out in the airflow.

As a result, hurricane-proof glasses can be divided into three categories:

PVB Laminated Glass

After all, the PVB laminated glass used here is tempering polyvinyl butyral laminated glass.

Even if one portion of tempered glass is damaged in a storm, the layering can maintain the glass’ entire durability while also acting as a shield to preserve the inner portion of glass from being damaged.

The PVB interlayer also prevents penetration of the glass.

SGP Laminated Glass

PVB laminated glass will break when both pieces of glass have been shattered; the PVB interlayer is fragile and has poor shearing strength, so it cannot support the cracked glass.

SGP laminated glass is extremely strong. The supporting strength of SGP laminated glass is double of the PVB laminated glass. However, the twisting flexibility of SGP laminated glass is just a quarter of that of PVB laminated glass at a similar width and pressure conditions.

The tearing toughness of the SGP layer is greater than the PVB film; therefore, if the glass cracks, the SGP may attach to it and create a temporary framework with only minor bending modification. It can handle a specific level of stress, and the laminated glass as a unit will not collapse or distort.

Polycarbonate Laminated Glass

The PC board has a higher bearing capacity than float glass and tempered laminated glass, making it difficult to shatter. There is no probability of it breaking, although it is smashed with a hammer.

Polycarbonate laminated glass is commonly utilized as anti-intrusion and bulletproof glass, and it has the strongest durability against hurricanes, but it is also the most expensive.

The glass is only one component of hurricane-resistant windows; the balance of glass and framing is your best defense against hurricanes. The most significant factors are the water tightness, airtightness, and wind protection of the windows.

Mornglass is a major Hurricane proof glass supplier. We offer a group of skilled professionals who will help you choose the right glass for your requirements and check the entire installation procedure. Kindly contact us if you require any support.


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