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A mattress as soft as feathers- softest foam ever

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When you choose the interiors of your home, let’s say your bed, the insides of it are as important as the outsides. That being said, we are talking about the mattress of your bed. The mattress is equally important and should be beautiful both inside and out. It should be both comfortable and beneficial to you and your body. It could be difficult to choose the most perfect mattress for yourself and your family, but this correct investment could change your life!

The most common foam is memory foam. It is also known as viscoelastic foam; this type of foam has elasticity. It is a type of foam that was invented 50 years ago by NASA to provide comfort to the astronauts during launch. Since then, it has gained so much fame that you can find memory foam in every household, be it on the sofas, cushions and mattresses. Let’s see what exactly is memory foam.

Memory foam:It is a type of foam made from polyurethane material which takes shape of the body or any object when in use. It comes back to its form within seconds when not in use. There are different types of memory foam such as traditional, open cell, and gel, all having different features.

How is memory foam beneficial for your body?

Personal body hugger: Imagine lying down on your bed after a long and tiring day and automatically receiving a hug? Yes, that’s exactly what the memory foam does. The material in an instant, moulds according to your body. This foam provides the best comfort to your body, saying goodbye to all body pains and joint aches.

Say good bye to your allergies: Anyone suffering from allergies can use memory foam with their eyes closed. Polyurethane makes sure to free your mattress from all the dust particles and also free you from any allergic reaction.

Relieves pressure: Mattresses that are too hard or too firm can put a lot of pressure to your body parts such as shoulders, back, legs, chest, hips etc. Memory firm makes sure to disperse the entire body weight on the mattress evenly, to avoid pressure on specific areas of the body.

Good posture for all sleeping positions: The adaptability of this foam is so good that it enables all types of sleepers a comfortable sleep. Whether you sleep on your stomach, on the side or on the back, a perfect alignment is provided for your spine and back by this memory foam.

No sinkage: You must have often noticed that you sometimes sink in the mattress. It is because of the density of the mattress that you are using. Using this memory foam, you will see the difference right away. It is not too soft and not to firm, just the right amount for your comfort.

UrbanBed’s memory foam mattress-

  • UrbanBed’s memory foam mattress comes in four sizes; single, diwan, queen and king. You can even customize your required size.
  • This memory foam mattress has various different dimensions and comes in two different thickness- 6 and 8 inches.
  • One of the best advantages is the 120 days trial period. You can experience UrbanBed’s memory foam and can make a decision later based on your body’s acceptability of the foam.
  • Made of superior quality foam at pocket friendly prices.

Additional services of doorstep delivery and has 15 years of warranty.


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