9 Common Questions (and Answers) About Purchasing a Certified Preowned Audi

If you’re in the market for a new car, you probably read ads with pleasure. Then, you probably spend days reading reviews, watching ‘drive-it-home’ videos, and comparing prices. Your agonizing over what kind of car to get is probably better known than our planet’s circumference.

After all that, buying a new car should be a snap, right?

Buying a new car isn’t easy, and buying any car isn’t easy, but how much easier is it to buy a certified preowned Audi vs. buying any car?

Let’s look into it!

1. What is a Certified Preowned Audi?

A Certified Preowned Audi is a used vehicle that, before being sold, has gone through an extensive pre-sale examination by Audi. In order to be certified, the vehicle must meet certain criteria, which include a 122-point mechanical and appearance inspection, service history, and other criteria exclusive to Audi.

This provides buyers peace of mind that their vehicle is backed by the legendary Audi service and comprehensive. It comes with an exclusive 24-hour Roadside Assistance package, providing the luxury and security of modern Audi vehicles.

2. What is the Advantage of Buying a CPO Audi Over a Regular Used Audi?

It has been inspected and certified by Audi technicians to ensure that it meets existing performance and safety standards. CPO Audi also comes with a backed by Audi, giving customers peace of mind when making their purchase. It also comes with a complete package of certified-approved components, such as:

  • set of quality tires
  • brakes
  • certified filters

Furthermore, CPO Audis may come with additional extras, such as roadside assistance and exclusive discounts on parts and services. Visit the Audi Bakersfield dealership today to help you find your perfect car.

3. What Does the CPO Inspection Cover?

The Audi undergoes a 300+ point inspection that checks key components like the engine, transmission, brakes, interior and exterior, underbody, and more. If any of these components fail the inspection, they are immediately replaced with genuine Audi components. Any necessary maintenance or tuning must also be completed.

A CARFAX Vehicle History Report is also done to ensure there are no preexisting issues with the vehicle. Owners also benefit from a 24-month/unlimited mileage limit that covers multiple components of the car, such as the engine, transmission, and more.

4. How Long is the Warranty on a CPO Audi?

All Audi vehicles come with a one-year/unlimited-mile warranty after the original in-service date, regardless of age or mileage. Newer CPO vehicles may come with an extended eight-year/unlimited-mile warranty on select components from the original in-service date.

Audi goes to great lengths to ensure that their CPO vehicles are well-maintained and ready for the road. This audi cpo warranty can enable a new car buyer to enjoy the same peace of mind of buying a new car while ensuring that they will remain covered no matter what.

5. Can I Customize or Modify a CPO Audi?

It is possible to customize or modify a CPO Audi to a certain extent. However, when customizing, buyers should make sure that any changes they make are covered by the CPO warranty. If modifications are made without the approval of an Audi dealership, it is likely that the warranty will no longer be valid.

When making any modifications, it is important to know the benefits and disadvantages of doing so as this may affect the overall value of the car. For example, if body modifications are made, it can reduce the resale value of the car if it is not popular or desirable.

6. Can I Finance a CPO Audi?

Financing for a CPO Audi may come through the dealership or from a third-party lender. It is important to compare rates and terms between several different sources to determine which option is best. When financing, the cost of the CPO Audi may be calculated into the loan amount or may be paid upfront.

In any case, it is essential to understand all the terms and conditions of the loan before making any commitment. As with any financing, a down payment may be required, as well as current credit score, income, and other financial information. It is important to note that financing a CPO Audi often carries higher interest rates than financing a new car, so it is essential to understand the potential implications before signing any agreements.

7. Are CPO Audis Only Available at Audi Dealerships?

Yes, CPO Audis is only available at Audi dealerships. It’s important to purchase a CPO Audi from an authorized dealership, where you will be given access to their entire inventory. At a dealership, vehicles can be inspected and test-drove to ensure that they are in proper working order.

If you are unfamiliar with the car buying process, the team at the dealership can help guide you through the purchase of a CPO Audi. It is also highly recommended to take your CPO Audi for routine maintenance at an Audi dealership to ensure it maintains its performance and integrity throughout its life.

8. Do CPO Audis Come with a Vehicle History Report?

Yes, all Audis come with a detailed Vehicle History Report. This report is provided to give you a complete picture of the car’s past and current condition. It will include service and maintenance records, as well as any accidents or other damage that the car has suffered.

It will also include a detailed look at the previously owned Audi’s engine, transmission, suspension, electrical, emissions, and other systems. This information will give you peace of mind that has been thoroughly inspected and approved for sale.

9. Can I Test Drive a CPO Audi Before Purchase?

Yes, you can test drive a CPO Audi before purchase. Before committing to a purchase, it is important to have a complete understanding of the options available to you. Test driving helps you make sure that the vehicle that you are interested in fits your needs when it comes to size, performance, technology, and features.

During your test drive, be sure to inspect the interior and exterior of the vehicle to double-check that there are no signs of damage or wear.

Take the First Step to Own Your Dream Car Today

Buying a certified preowned Audi is a smart choice if you’re seeking an excellent car at an affordable price. Make sure to ask your dealer about how the car was maintained and inquire about the warranty to ensure you’re making the best decision for yourself.

If you’re looking for the perfect vehicle at a discounted price, consider purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned Audi. It could be your next great investment!

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