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9 Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas to Make You Fall In Love With the Bathing Space

HGTV star Mina Starsiak used a herringbone pattern wood floor, wall paper, a freestanding tub and custom shower to transform the master bathroom of her house, as seen on Rock the Block. (After)

Bathing is a therapeutic experience for many people. When you enter your bathroom after a long tiring day, a relaxing shower with beautiful bathroom décor will calm your mind.

People spend a large amount of money decorating different rooms in their homes. However, the bathroom is a place most of them ignore due to lack of space or various other reasons.

It is a big mistake many people make. They spend a lot of time in their bathroom every day, which they don’t realize. But you can add charm to the bathroom by decorating the walls in the following ways:

1. Try Bathroom Wall Art

The bathroom wall décor trend taking even the smallest bathrooms by storm is an artwork. Bathroom prints or wall art can be a vibrant and eclectic way to style dull bathroom walls.

You can easily find affordable and beautiful art pieces online or in the local market without splashing a significant amount. Moreover, it is the simplest way to upgrade the bathroom interiors instantly.

This approach does not demand any colour change or theme transformation of the bathroom. Instead, you can make your bathing experience pleasurable by introducing this instant wall décor piece.

2. Mosaic Accent Tiles

The most exciting and stylish way to pep up the bathroom walls is using mosaic tiles. They will add a pop of colour and a particular shape to the bathroom interiors.  

You can make the bathing area look fuller using mosaic variants. Whether an entire wall or a small portion, mosaic accents are outstanding elements for creating modern bathroom wall designs.

3. Glossier Paint

The simple and inexpensive way to make your bathroom look fresh and expensive is to choose semi-gloss paint.  Moreover, you can easily wipe moisture or oil or other product residues such as hair spray from it.

Though it is an excellent choice to glam up the bathroom walls, ventilation is a must for a bathroom painted with walls. Otherwise, it will get yellow drip spots wherever water condenses.

The easiest paint to wipe or clean is glossy, but it’s shiny look is too overwhelming. So, you can use it on the baseboard.

4. Install Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid of using wallpapers to decorate the bathroom walls. Most of you believe that water or steam damage the wall coverings, but you actually use water for their installation.

Wallpaper life will be short if you have a bathroom with poor ventilation. However, when you correctly install the wallpaper, it will enhance the interiors excellently. While using the wall covering, select a slightly taller backsplash.

It will save the area behind your bathroom sink from oils, cleaners or soaps. Though you can use natural paper, vinyl wallpaper is more durable. Moreover, you can clean it easily.

5. Add Mirror on the Wall

If you add the mirror to the wall, it will make your space look spacious. Moreover, installing a mirror on the entire wall will double the look of your bathroom.

The mirror in a bathroom is particularly effective along one side of a narrow bathing space or above a vanity. In addition, mirrors are great reflectors, so you can get enough light through light fixtures.

6. Small Wall-Mounted Sinks or Floating Vanities

Wall-mounted toilets and sinks are an intelligent way to save floor space and decorate the wall area. Moreover, it will make your bathroom look more open. So, try wall mounted floating vanity or narrow wash basin designs in place of traditional sinks and vanities.

7. Bathroom Corner Gone Wild

Fill the bathroom space with greenery to get an exotic look without sending much money. Select some indoor plants such as spider plants, cactus, and many more to place them on bathroom shelves or hang them with macrame.

When you fill the bathroom walls with greenery, it will undoubtedly make the space look fresh and comfy. You won’t feel in a mood to leave the bathroom. Just ensure that whatever plants you choose do not stain the bathroom.

8. Bring in a Product Shelfie

You all need a space to store your beauty products and other toiletries. So, why not use them to decorate the bathroom wall.

Display your expensive products on shelves or built-in windows. It will bring personality and style to the bathroom interiors.

9. Gorgeous Sconces

While choosing bathroom fixtures, consider items that add a luxurious touch to the bathroom space. The marvellous sconces with lighting give the bathroom a unique personality and chick look on a limited budget.

To enhance the aesthetics, you can even add a mural. It will create an incredible illusion.

Final Thoughts

Above are some comprehensive bathroom wall décor ideas. A bathroom is a place where you usually start and end the day. So, keep it calming and inspiring. Decorate the bathroom in a way that uplifts your mood.

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