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8 Strategies to Enhance Customer Retention as a Lash Artist

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Do you know what is better than acquiring a new customer? Acquiring Two! And what is better than that? Retaining existing customers. Let me explain, to attract a new customer, it costs 5 times more than to keep an existing one. Making sure your clients come back for every appointment will help you expand your classic eyelash extension business. The biggest advantage of retaining a customer is that they are likely to recommend you to their friends, colleagues, and family. This indirectly brings you, new customers, while retaining the existing ones. But, building a relationship with customers needs much more than a good set of eyelash extensions. 

Keep reading our strategies to enhance customer retention as a lash artist. 

First Impressions –

When the client walks in, they form an opinion within the first few minutes, about you and your salon. Hence, the first impression counts. Make sure they are greeted and welcomed. Make eye contact while communicating. It is vital to know their names and mention them when you greet them. This gives a personal touch. Do not make them wait and set up the workstation. Keep it all neat and tidy ready to start the service. All these actions will help you create a sparkling first impression.  

Practice, Practice and Practice – 

If you are a budding lash extension artist or learning a new style, make it a point to practice till you drop. You can practice with your family and friends to perfect your art. This will enhance your skills, speed and accuracy. By practising with trusted people, you can make all your paying client appointments quick and enjoyable. Be confident, the client will know you are professional. 

 Provide Exceptional Customer Service – 

Customer service comes above everything else in a customer-facing business. A good service is more than just providing a classic eyelash. The key is to space out appointments with decent free time in between. This will allow you to clean your space before starting your next appointment. When engaging in conversations with your client, stay professional and avoid complaining and gossiping about colleagues or other lash extension salons. Professionalism is the key to customer retention and gaining new customers. 

Make the Customer Feel Special –  

Making your client feel special and pampered will make them gravitate to your lash extensions salon. The things you can do to give them special treatment is by offering water on their entry. Playing meditating music to help them relax and rejuvenate. Begin the appointment with a head massage for a couple of minutes. Adding aromatherapy will set you apart from your competitors. The more relaxed and happy your customer leaves the chair, the higher are the chances that they will return. Perhaps with a friend. Here you have a returning as well as a new customer. The key here is to stand out from the rest of the competitors.

Comfortable Lash Room – 


When a client books in for an eyelash extension appointment, they are looking forward to a relaxing time with themselves. Therefore, having a comfortable lash room is essential. A few things that contribute to a perfect lash room setting are: A comfortable lash bed or reclining chair, a blanket, lash pillows, heating pads and suitable room temperature, and lastly perfect lighting. 

Promote and Elaborate on Eyelash Aftercare – 

The job of a lash extension artist is not just limited to the salon. It is the responsibility of the artist to emphasize the need for eyelash extensions aftercare. This can help the clients go longer between appointments. Who would not like to save a few bucks? If they realize that coming to you will help them delay the next appointment, they are your customers for life. So when a new customer walks in, spend some time explaining and share tips and tricks to make their lash extensions last longer. Make sure to reiterate the same to returning ones.

Do Not Delay to Re-book Another Appointment – 

As a lash expert, you are the only person the client will trust provided they are satisfied with your service. Make sure to frame your sentence in a way that sounds convincing and not pushy. You can start by saying “Most clients visit within a month for a refill. How does the end of 3rd week or beginning of 4thweek look for?” If they say yes, Congratulations! You are doing a great job. In case they sound hesitant, make it a point to follow up, as most of them fail to keep a track of the dates. You can email or text them by first asking how they are liking the eyelash extensions followed by reminding them to pre-book for a refill before your appointments fill up.

Note Down Client Details – 

Although this is not something all lash experts do, we are here to stand out. Taking notes of minute details will take your customer service to another level. In your notes, mention service details, like the length and diameter of the lashes used, the client’s preferences and products, any allergies or sensitivity is worth mentioning as well. Any specific news they share with you, you might want to note it down to engage in conversation during the next appointment. For instance, they mentioned they landed their dream job. You could ask about it during the next sitting. This will pleasantly surprise them and promote a healthy long-lasting loyal relationship.

Keeping Updating your Knowledge – 

In a trendy market where everyone has access to social media, a lash artist needs to know all lash styles. So to make yourself even more marketable, stay up-to-date with the latest lash trends and continue the learning process by attending e-courses and workshops to enhance skills and learn new and improved techniques. If your regular client is looking for a different style other than classic eyelash extension, you are the one they can come to. This will maintain customer retention. 

Conclusion – 

The key thing to enhance customer retention is customer satisfaction. This can be achieved by keeping an eye on minute details like cleanliness, follow-ups, professionalism, out-of-the-box customer service, and a beautiful and relaxing lash room setting. Bear in mind, if your customer leaves happy and satisfied with lash extension results, they are highly likely to recommend the eyelash extension near me they visited, to bring you new clients and the chain goes on and on. 


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