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6 Ways to Decorate your TV unit to Impress your Guests

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Who doesn’t love the sleek appearance of a brand-new screen on the wall, surrounded by shelves? The days of concealing our gadgets in massive armories are long gone. These days, TV is all about chic entertainment walls. The television screen has been an essential component of interior design since it was first introduced in modern décor. Furthermore, the slim profile of today’s televisions allows you to display them in your home and make them appear stylish.

Unless you want to spend your days staring at a black rectangle on a boring wall, you must have scoured the internet for stylish ways to decorate the surrounding area. So, if you’ve opted to mount your new flat screen on the wall and surround it with elegant decor, here is a list of TV unit-decorating ideas to get you started.

The basic set-up of wood

The wooden arrangement is the most basic decor tv unit idea, but it may also be done most intriguing with many twists and turns. The entire wall may consist of the wooden texture mounted on the TV.

Try to put the TV on one side and not in the center of the wall. Additional ornamental alternatives like frames for photographs, lamps, and plants may be utilized in outer space.

Set-up of a library

You may always exhibit it to the individuals arriving at your home if you like reading. Your collection of books can best be seen in your living area. Install a wooden texture on the wall of your TV. Install a large open library cabinet next to this texture to store your books.

Camouflage to contrast the shade

Not a fan of how the gleaming black rectangle juts out from the wall? Use a dark backdrop wall to hide your television, such as black, brown, navy, or charcoal grey. With a black stone fireplace and ebony flooring, this space goes all the way. The recessed nook with what looks like a molding feature on the interior is very appealing to me.

With a dark wood veneer background, the room hides the television. Many beautiful wallpapers are available that may be used in the same way. This is an attractive option if you like a minimalist aesthetic and don’t want to clutter your walls with paintings or books.

Gallery Walls

Building a gallery around your TV wall is the easiest but less elegant method to manage it. This incorporates the television into the work of art and takes attention away from it. One thing to remember is that it’s effortless to make items appear sloppy, which no one likes. The excellent design is deliberate.

It can be unique and out of the ordinary as long as it does not appear to be an accident. If it seems deliberate, you are expressing yourself; if it seems accidental, the plan has gotten away from you. You want everything to line up if you wish to clean lines. All lines must be the same length, and the spacing must be corrected by a millimeter.


Built-ins are a fantastic thing. Let’s face it; built-in units have a special place in everyone’s heart. It is considered that design looks best when it appears to be deliberate, and nothing looks more deliberate than incorporating something into your environment. The drawback is that they are also the most costly and challenging.

Several excellent lessons are available, but they rarely include tasks for first-time power tool users. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you can do it. It’ll just be a little more complex, and after you’ve mastered the fundamentals of DIYing, it’ll be a breeze. Built-in units are available in a variety of styles.

Hidden in the furniture 

You only sometimes want to look at your television. Everything is so well-designed that allowing your TV to dangle out would be disastrous! Especially if your home isn’t decorated in black.

This is an excellent illustration of a location where you should keep your television hidden. In this near-all-white space, it would grab all of the attention. Behind the artwork, the TV is hidden. This room may be elegantly furnished distinctively. The presence of a large flat screen would be unmistakable. They could conceal the television and replace it with a lovely piece of furniture.


It might not be easy to decorate your TV wall. You’ll avoid generating a “boxy” effect by overblowing the wall with square forms. To break up the monotony of the square and bring new life and flair to your entertainment wall is your imagination. Lanterns, lamps, and even string lights can be used to provide a softer illumination on the wall. It contributes to the coziness you may wish to achieve.


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