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6 Best Games For Android This Holiday Season

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As the holiday season comes rushing in, let’s look at some of the best games you can get on Android for the holidays. Whether old or new, these games are here to give you a wonderful experience. We’ve decided to add some games not limited to the holidays for more variety so that you can play these games throughout the year!


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The titular Animal Crossing game, but pocket-sized. Although rather than a whole town, you would be placed on a campsite to design and furnish as you like. One of the best qualities of Animal Crossing is that there is an event for every season and celebration. So if you prefer something more Christmas-themed, this might be your game.

Deck your campsite with Christmas-themed decorations and participate in cool Christmas events to bring the joy of the holiday season to your doorstep. This game is suitable for all ages so that everyone can hop in!


Stardew Valley

You can experience the various passing seasons in Stardew Valley while doing various activities! With seasonal crops, dishes, and catches, Stardew is designed for everyone, everywhere. There are interesting characters to befriend and court, all sorts of activities to do from farming to fighting monsters, as well as relaxing with the game’s calming atmosphere.

You can play Stardew Valley at your own pace with no pressure to complete anything, making it a great game. You’ll always be energized with an infinite number of activities. Grab your loved ones and start a farm with them for a more wholesome experience!


Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

The Final Fantasy franchise spans games on every console, so naturally, mobile phones are still remembered. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a game set to release its beta stage sometime this year (if things go according to plan).

The game will have a Time Battle System used in the FF VII Remake and Final Fantasy 15, leaving behind the turn-based battle system used in previous games. Either way, this RPG is a highly anticipated release for mobile devices and one you should watch!


Very Little Nightmares

One of the best indie survival games was made into a mobile version for everyone to experience easily! Get into the dark and creepy world of Little Nightmares as the little girl in a yellow raincoat. There are puzzles to solve, and many are running away from the monsters out to kill you.

Very Little Nightmares embodied the first Little Nightmares game and was released two years after the original one. Navigate and attempt to survive through a world designed to kill and capture you in this adrenaline-pumping game!


Battlefield Mobile

Looking for an action shooter that you could pull out of your pocket? Battlefield has officially come up with a mobile version of their game! The game was recently released in November of 2022, so it’s still fresh out of the oven.

Experience this mayhem and battle out enemies on the battlefield with a full scope of weapons and your squad. EA’s shooter has been optimized for the best action shooter experience on mobile, so try it out for yourself!


Torchlight: Infinite

Another recently released gem from a well-known franchise, the action RPG Torchlight has finally made it to mobile devices! You can build your heroes however you like, loot some treasures, and have epic boss battles with your team.
Since the game is newly launched, you can expect more updates and additions to the pre-existing game, enhancing your gameplay. One of the best things about this game is that there are no cooldowns or stamina, so that you can blow up your enemies at full blast 100% of the time.

There you go! These are some of the best Android games for you to explore and have fun with this holiday season. For games locked behind a paywall, you should get some Google Play Gift Cards from OffGamers here today! And if you have any more suggestions to add to the list, let us know in the comments below.


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