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6 Amazing Tips Must Know When Getting Custom Cake Boxes

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Cakes boxes add sweetness and delight to every occasion. They are an evergreen way of celebrating an event and making it more memorable. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, New Year, bridal shower, or even a simple family get-together, your festivity is incomplete without a cake. Even it is not any special event; a single slice of cake is perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth.

The increasing demand for cakes has motivated the manufacturers to come up with innovative ways of standing in the market. A well-designed cake packaging plays an important role in this regard. Just like the demand for cakes never diminishes, similarly, the bakers need to create such a brand identity that never fades off from the customers’ memory. It is impossible to do today without retail packaging that offers a good branding experience to the customers. Here we are going to highlight 6 amazing tips you should know before ordering your custom cake boxes:

Rely on Food Safe Packaging:

When dealing with food-related products like cakes, it is necessary to choose a packaging that coincides with quality standards. You have to ensure that the materials you choose to design your cake boxes in bulk uphold the acceptable standard of hygiene during its manufacturing process. For this, you have to research various options. Cardstock or eco-friendly Kraft is preferred by businesses when it comes to food packaging. The material is all-natural. It is free from harmful allergens and toxins that may penetrate the cakes spoiling their quality. The material has undergone several quality tests to make sure that the food is not contaminated in any way. It is BPA-free as well as non-hazardous. These features make it easy for the bakers to avoid synthetic material and use eco-friendly cake boxes wholesale. Moreover, the box can be designed in unlimited ways to provide a secure closure against a spill. Such packaging is also capable of maintaining the freshness of cakes.

Check the Paper Quality:

The quality of your cake boxes depends entirely upon the quality of your material. In the case of paper packaging, it is determined by GSM. It stands for Grams per Square Meter and shows the weight of the paper. You will find different types of GSM cake boxes in the market but the ideal option is 300GSM. It is the quality that you can easily find with various manufacturers. Browse various colors and styles to create perfect, high-quality packaging for your bakery business. Various styles of cupcake boxes wholesale are also designed by using this material.

Go for Custom-Designed Options:

If you want to attain a distinct identity for your brand, it is not possible without creating a customized cake box. All you have to do is to be a little creative and innovative. Come up with box styles that grab the customers’ attention instantly and look pleasing too. The cake packaging you create should look attractive in both, the print and design. Moreover, it should be something that the customers can recognize easily. One of the interesting variations like introducing a windowpane, or transparent die-cut pattern works well in giving a customized look to your cake box. It does not only facilitate the customer’s see of the package but also enhance the elegance of your scrumptious cakes. Similarly, the use of build-in handles, or inserts increases the functionality of your cake packaging. You may also experiment with different innovative styles like flip-top boxes, gable boxes, sleeve boxes, hexagonal boxes, and a lot more to acquire a competitive edge. Well-decorated boxes increase the visibility of your brand and also provide convenience to the customers.

Consider Numerous Printing Options:

Before getting custom cake boxes for your business, it is necessary to consider available printing options. Printing is a thing that can change the entire outlook of your packaging boxes. Whether you want to create wedding cake boxes, or one for a birthday, Christmas, New Year, or any other event, printing can help you in designing customized packages accordingly. Several different types of printing techniques are available in the market. Among them, digital and offset printing is the most commonly used. Use them creatively to add uniqueness to your cake boxes. Try out different, elegant styles and go for an attractive logo to make your packaging a true piece of art. You can also embellish your boxes with embossing, debossing, foil stamping, UV coating, die-cutting, and gloss/matte lamination to make your printed boxes more enchanting.

Demand a Sample Box:

A professional packaging manufacturer will always be willing to provide its customers with the sample of their boxes. Getting a sample of your cake box helps in judging its quality, display, printing result, and other important features. Most of these companies provide a flat or 3D sample depending upon their policy. It also gives you an idea that how the text and graphics will appear on your box and whether the selected colors look good, complementing its overall appearance. By asking for a sample of your cake boxes near me, you can create more unique and eye-catchy packaging to grab the customer’s attention.

Create a Packaging that Set Your Brand Apart:

Once you have worked on all possible aspects of designing protective packaging, it is also necessary to consider how well it sets your brand apart. For this, you have to customize your cake boxes in a way to create more recognition for your brand. Working on a branding theme, using a signature color, or going for an innovative style are some of the effective ways to create a unique brand. In this way, you can not only lure your customers but also helps in creating a distinct identity.


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