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5 Things to Know Before Moving to Orlando

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Orlando sees over 100 million visitors annually, making it one of the country’s most popular vacation hot spots. But imagine if you didn’t have to wait for your vacation to come around to be in Orlando. Instead, you could move there and experience all the fun year-round. If you can move to the Sun Shine state, you should make a plan first. Here are five things to consider before moving to Orlando

  1. Entertainment is Non-stop

It’s not a coincidence that people come to Orlando for entertainment. That is because you are in the center of theme parks, beaches, and everything in between. 

If you plan to move to Florida, remember that you get the perks of living near attractions like Walk Disney World and Universal Studios. Plus, as a resident of Orlando, you will get discounts on tickets. 

  1. Cost of Living

If you move to Orlando, the cost of living is about average. However, there are some perks, like Florida not having an income tax. 

The housing market is above average, but you will find newer developments and many options. Be sure to go to wemert group realty for expert help living in Orlando.

  1. Tropical Weather

Afternoon thunderstorms are almost guaranteed most of the year, so if you don’t mind hot, humid weather, moving to Florida is the right decision. 

Also, consider that winters are very short and mild. There will be no snowflakes, but you will get a small break from the average of 90 degrees in the summer. 

  1. Job Market

The entertainment industry makes the job market ripe in Orlando for anyone looking for an easy gig. However, when moving long-distance, you should have a place of employment lined up beforehand. 

Luckily, Orlando has several Fortune 500 companies that pay better than most hospitality jobs. Scrolling these jobs well before you pack your bags would be best. 

  1. Transportation Solutions

Being a city of high tourism and a decent-sized population, traffic concerns commuters and errand runners alike. 

The good news is that Orlando always keeps improving their highways and public transportation.

Interstate I-4 goes through Central Orlando and downtown making it the busiest highway. However, expansions since 2015 are set to be completed by the end of 2021, making life on the road easier.

SunRail is also in the process of being expanded for an easier commute. 

Moving to Orlando is Fun and Easy

When moving to Orlando, you will realize it is one of the easiest places to relocate. They have the space to accommodate new residents, including jobs and homes. Plus, you can immediately go out and have fun. 

Check out our travel section for more tips on moving to another state. 


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