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5 Sites To Play The Snake Game Online

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Everyone is familiar with the legendary Snake game, right? From one of the earliest days of mobile gaming to this modern-day gaming world, the Snake game has remained one of the best games out there to suppress your boredom. 

Join us as we take a look at some of the sites and platforms where you can find some version of the Snake game to relive that fond memory or try it out for yourself.

Snake on Google Maps 

This one was an easter egg just waiting to be found. You can play a snake slithering around Google Maps through your phone’s browser. You used to be able to play it on the Google Maps app itself for a week back in April of 2019, but the event is over now.

Sure, you can also play the game by typing in ‘Play Snake’ into your browser and playing the classic Snake game, but Snake on Google Maps seems like an infinitely better experience. You’ll be slithering through cities and towns while chasing red pellets on the map. Simply type in Snake Google Maps into your search bar.

Snake.io on Fun Online Slither

You can get Snake.io on the App Store or Google Play Store, but you can also play it in your browser. Your snake navigates by following your mouse and you can click and hold the screen to give it a speed boost in tight situations. For the browser version, you can choose to play with your mouse or keyboard.

For the mobile version, there will be a joystick button on the side for navigation and another button that you can tap and hold for the burst boost. Remember to avoid the bodies of other snakes and the walls of the arena if you want to last long!

Snake Games on Crazy Games

There’s a site called Crazy Games that has a huge variety of Snake games available for you to play if you ever get bored. You have your typical Snake games and some weirdly unconventional ones added into the mix, so if you’re tired of the basic game, you can opt for something crazier.

These games take the Snake game and put their own unique twist on it, whether it is a different setting or an added special ability to the snake, it is still a fun time to be had for all.

Snake Rivals on Google Play Store

If you prefer using your mobile phone to play the game, you can just download an app to experience it. For Android users, we would recommend getting Snake Rivals! It’s a 3D multiplayer Snake game where you get to slither around and try your best to stay alive while beating everyone else.

Eat all the apples laid out before you and grow longer by the second. Another feature that makes Snake Rivals more enjoyable is the variety of adorable and fun skins you can unlock in the game. There’s a skin that allows you to become one long corgi, which definitely gets a million points in my book. To get more skins, you might need to make some purchases which can be done with Google Play Gift Cards from OffGamers here.

Snake Towers on App Store

For iOS users that are looking for a more unconventional Snake game app, we have Snake Towers that you can find on the App Store. This time, you’ll be slithering at the top of towers, ascending further as you clear levels. There are a lot of shiny things to collect in order to progress, just watch out for those walls!

There are all sorts of rooms for you to go through, some are cursed, some are a total mystery – this adds more fun and excitement into the already tense gameplay. Snake Towers sounds simple, but is addictive and challenging!

Final Words

May you find this list of Snake game gang interesting and useful in your search for the ultimate Snake experience! Do let us know if you’ve found other sites or Snake games of interest in the comment section below. Have fun and slither on!


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