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2021 SEO strategy – Key Factors to Note Down

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Most of SEO Company in India believe to not rely upon any specific strategy as Google keeps on changing the algorithm. When SEO geeks keep following the stereotypes, they could never bring out a remarkable outcome.

Getting updated with what’s new & in trend is important for SEO as well as for social medial marketing agency.

So, you must be exciting to know mindful SEO strategy for 2021.

See, what’s in the store.

1.    Create a strong social media presence

Social media platforms have huge power. When people like, comment, share or subscribe to your channels or circulate your post, it will pass signals to Google that your website and services are valuable and people find them trustable. Also, it can improve the conversion rate.

Well, for improving social signals, you need to use compelling GIFs and images, upload videos, connect with your followers and ask them to share the content, and most importantly, creating extra-ordinary content.   

2.    Look into your site speed

It’s been posted multiple times that if your website takes more than 3 to 4 seconds to load, the visitor will leave your site. Ultimately, it will increase the bounce rate, which impacts search ranking. You can use Page-speed Insights to check your website’s loading speed on various devices. If it takes more time to load, use VPN (Virtual Private Networks) to improve your website speed. They store copies of your website in a different location and when a user visits your website, a VPN pass on a copy of your website from the nearest location, so there will occur no site loading issue.    

3.    Optimize for mobile

Google has started the mobile version of your sire for ranking and indexing. Hence, it is necessary to optimize your website for mobile. You need to consider a few things like improve site speed using AMP, reduce redirects, never use multiple pop-ups, prefer a responsive website, and don’t blog CSS, JavaScript and HTML.  

4.    Technical SEO

Many don’t know about technical SEO, so for them – It is the process to ensure that search engine crawlers don’t find difficulty while your site indexing. While focusing on content quality, backlinks, and other aspects, marketers usually forget about technical SEO. A good way to improve technical SEO is by adding rich snippets. Through this, you can add extra information about your pages and make sure that it stands unique in-between competitive edge. Also, you can add schema mark-up to help search engines better understand your website, which will improve the website rankings.

5.    Keep eyes on customers’ behaviour

It is essential to understand your customers’ behaviour so that you can improve the way of selling your products or services. If you have an online store, you can select “Shopping behaviour analysis report” in Google Analytics, which can give you a better understanding of the visitors. In the report, you can check session with check-out, session with product views, sessions with transactions, cart and check-out abandonment rate, to find out the exact number of people who don’t perform purchase activity, and people who add something to their cart.

Words in a nutshell,

For better search engine ranking result, you should contact the best SEO Company in India that can help you with the actionable SEO strategy and optimize your site speed. Also, posting fresh content on social media on a regular basis can also increase social signals.

Thanks for reading!


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