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10 Traits to Look for in a Beginner Airsoft Gun

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For anyone that has never played airsoft before and is unsure about how to proceed, buying a beginner airsoft gun is not a simple task. Airsoft guns vary in much more than size and shape, as there are electric, gas and even spring-operated airsoft guns with many different features and capabilities.

To keep things as simple as possible, if you’re looking through a collection of beginner airsoft guns and you need a checklist of things to consider, start with this. Otherwise, you’re on your own in choosing an AEG or a GBB airsoft pistol.

1.Simplicity of operation
The simpler a beginner airsoft gun is, the better. The more complex they are, and the more “moving parts” as it were, the more parts there are to break. For a beginner, it might not even be apparent when something is not being used as it should be, so they go with a basic model. Save the bells and whistles for later.

2.Selective fire capability
Selective fire in a beginner airsoft gun is probably a bonus because you may end up using the same entry-level airsoft gun for competition. If you do, a spring-operated model (like a bolt action sniper rifle) might not be viable.

Instead, you might need a full auto-capable AEG, like a G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider, to effectively compete.

3.Tough, durable components
Just as simple construction is a bonus here, so is a durable polymer or full metal construction. The tougher, the more likely it is to stand up to beginner abuse.

4.Upgradeable parts (like gear boxes)
A gear box that is overworked can suffer a lot of damage. Therefore, if you’re getting an expensive AEG airsoft rifle, look for one that has an upgradeable gear box so you can swap it out when you need to.

5.Room to expand with attachments
You might buy a beginner model only to realize you need a high-capacity magazine to compete effectively, or that iron sights limit your range. A model with a capable rail system will accept attachments, and compatibility with other components like larger mags will serve you well as your interests expand.

6.Lack of sensitive components
Adjustability and customizability are great, but they often bring sensitive components into focus, and sensitive components break. As a general rule, shun these fancy features in a beginner airsoft gun.

7.An adjustable hop-up system
One exception to the last maxim is this: an adjustable hop-up system is generally a bonus in an airsoft gun, even a beginner model. It will enable you to tailor your aim and make your shots reach farther.

8.Ease of stripping and cleaning
Not all airsoft guns are easy to break down, but whether you choose an Elite Force or Lancer Tactical model, it’s worth finding one you can break down and clean easily, even in the field.

9.A low price – specifically for beginner airsoft guns
You might not want to front the big bills with your first purchase, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. You might buy an expensive AEG only to learn that you hate playing in an infantry role and that a sniper position would be better for you. Save the big purchases for later on.

10.Add ons that you might need
Finally, pay attention to the add ons. A starter gun that comes with a battery and charger, or with ammo and some gas propellant, may be worth more than one that does not. Consider it a bundle deal; the more you can get from the first purchase, the stronger the value.

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