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10 Ethical Footwear Brands for Men’s Dress Shoes, Boots, Sandals and Sneakers

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You’re reading this blog because you are above fast fashion and are keen to purchase shoes, boots, sandals or sneakers that ‘do good’ and aren’t running the planet or peoples lives. You have come to the right place. It is important to support these brands that are making vegan and sustainable shoes that are changing the world. 


Here, we listed the top 10 mens ethical footwear brands just for you. Whatever may be your requirement, style, preference, taste or budget , this list will help you shop in less time, find you the right pair of leather sandals for men, shoes, boots  or sneakers that best suit your needs. Enjoy browsing those cool, conscious footwear brands!

  • DMO DOT:

The socially conscious footwear company founded by Suhail Dhaul, Abhishek Sharma & Pranav Sawhney that pioneered the one for one business model. DMO dot produces affordable formal shoes, leather sandals for men, loafers, Chelsea boots, sneakers, ethnic wear for men. The shoes come in a variety of natural materials such as suede, canvas, linen available in all prints and colors. It’s popular style includes  slip on mules, Brogues, monk straps and ankle boots. You can also get a custom pair made especially for you.  

  • Veja:

Veja brand is popular in ethical shoe making. It sources it’s rubber soles from responsibly run forests in Amazon – where workers can expect social protection and competitive wages. They have newly launched it’s ethical running shoe- The Condor, which is made from recycled plastic, natural materials like rubber, organic cotton or rice waste and has a record of low chemicals.

  • Etiko:

 It is a leading Australian designer and manufacturer of organic, eco-friendly and 100% vegan shoes. They come in a range of color ways that best suit your style. 

  • Funky Kalakar:

This brand brings alive the contemporary artisans work, handcrafted by using natural materials.

  • Indosole:

Indosole is on a mission to deliver high-quality environmental shoes for travel, adventure and life. Some of its shoes are easy to wash in a machine. It is the most responsible footwear company in the world.

  • Gush:

This was launched in 2013 by Vrinda Gupta and Manav Shah,  who describes themselves as boho-chic.  They interpret local aesthetics with a modern twist, using carefully handpicked materials and traditional ‘karigari’ or skills. Their products are PETA approved that connect with people. It produces soft, light-weight, eco-friendly mens ethnic footwear. You know where to go if you want the right shoes.

  • Native Shoes:

The brand’s vision and philosophy is to ‘keep it Light’. This brand believes in innovation, originality and lightness to integrate healthy living and happiness  that doesn’t tamper with the lives of other well beings. Each time you flaunt these pairs of shoes, you’re making an impact. By 2023, each and every pair of Native Shoes would be 100% life cycle managed.

  • Vegshoes.in:

This was founded in 2016. It offers high quality vegan shoes for men. The brand’s idea was to create the space for ‘better than leather’ footwear and accessories with non-violence their DNA. They contribute towards reducing the pollution process of leather tanning and save the lives of animals. They make footwear using good quality Vegan leather (long lasting and durable) It is up to three times stronger than real leather and has properties like breathability, resistant to wear, partly recycled and recyclable.

  • Beyond skin:

Beyond skin is hand made in Spain and is known for its luxury footwear collection. The brand aims at making cruelty free , non-leather footwear that comes in style and quality for those who care. Viscose has a great impact on the environment due to huge amounts of acid chemicals involved in the making. Hence, they use satin that is made from polyester instead of using Viscose.

  • Avesu:


This Berlin based sustainable and ethical footwear brand has an array of more than 30 brands on their website with loafers, canvas tennis shoes, vegan boots, construction boots among other patterns. The brand focuses on materials other than leather like microfiber, cotton, natural rubber, hemp and upcycled materials among others.  



Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? You know where to start. Stepping out of your comfort zone is never easy. But together we can all make the world a better place to live. This is one step towards a greener future. Alternative materials to make shoes is the bravest idea to do. It’s time to beautify our environment and lighten the carbon footprint on the world. 


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