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10 Benefits of Integrating Fingerprint Door Lock with Your Security System

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The Fingerprint door access JB utilizes biometric technology and 4-step character verification to affirm an individual’s personality before conceding access. The best biometric door lock system in JB coordinates FUSION programming and aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of whether you need a unique fingerprint biometric lock JB, or a mix of fingerprint and HID card door access, the top biometric door lock manufacturers in JB will take care of everything. 

Advantages of an Integrated Security Solution 


Appropriate for all task sizes, from 1-2 ways to multi-site network with limitless doors. Can be arranged to run on a solitary workstation or a worker for a venture-wide application. 


With the best fingerprint door access control JB, the access choices are made by the biometric reader heads in case of a focal system or organization disappointment – it is also multi-lingual and offers world time zone support. 

Energy Saving 

Energy productivity and decreased force utilization through PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology requiring less investment, gear, specialized staff, and time needed for installation. 

Cost of Ownership 

The best fingerprint door lock manufacturers in JB guarantee on all parts and hardware. Decreased support costs through distant checking. 


Advanced biometric fingerprint door lock supports cell phone applications with WiFi and versatile information availability to control doors, cupboards, isolated spaces, mantraps, gates, lifts. 

Fewer Infrastructures 

Satisfying equipment with up to 85% less hardware to introduce and keep up, bringing about a slick, straightforward access control system. No compelling reason to introduce a force mains spike at each door, with extensive expense investment funds. 

Diminished Equipment 

Quicker and simpler establishment and support because of less hardware needed at the door – gear introduced at door handle stature bringing about simpler consistency with wellbeing and security limitations related with engineers working at tallness. 

Low Maintenance 

Online checking of pretty much every part of establishments, including sensors, energy utilization, state of information interfaces, and working temperature. Refined force status detailing aids far-off finding and quick amendment of gear issues. 

Incorporated Solution 

The best door access system Johor Bahru must incorporate Building and Site Access Control, Time and Attendance Management, Locker Management, Visitor Management, Smart Card access, Roll calling with CCTV. 

Far off Monitoring 

Site-based gear can be distantly customized and re-modified, designed and power reset, saving money on system vacation with a decrease in support visits along with related travel costs. 

Where can you use the Fingerprint door access system? 

Multiple work sites 

Control admittance to a couple of doors at one area or scale up to control admittance to a huge number of doors, gates, and hindrances at numerous locales. 

Accurate time and attendance reporting

Recording and management of adaptable working hours, fixed hours, shift work and occupation sharing, records and reports on ordinary and late participation, extra time, occasions, and unlucky deficiencies. 

Office reception 

Register guests at a monitored front counter or self-administration contact screen terminal, print guest identifications, and set guest access rules.

Smart card design and printing 

A client’s photograph and unique mark can be caught and ID cards printed and encoded. So, look for the best biometric door lock manufacturer near me and ask for fingerprint door lock price Johor Bahru.

Building alarm monitoring 

Checking and providing details regarding the status and action of all structures and alarms. 

Flexible attendance registration

Portable cell phone enlistment records the client’s Card ID number, communicates time, date, and area progressively utilizing versatile information or WiFi. 

Monitoring individual workers 

Checking of staff doing support visits to far off locales and outstations, admittance to control rooms and hardware cupboards, caught progressively, recorded, and revealed.


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