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Nova Foueillis-Mose: The Most Beautiful New Face Of France

Nova foueillis-mose is a new French beauty that has captured the hearts of many worldwide. With her captivating features and alluring looks, she is quickly becoming a popular figure in the modeling industry. So what makes this new face so unique? Read on to find out!

What is Nova Foueillis-Mose?

Nova Foueillis-Mosé (born 9 February 1988) is a French model and actress. She was discovered at the age of 16 by scout Olivier Rousteing and soon started working for fashion houses such as Givenchy, Balmain, Lululemon Athletica, and Louis Vuitton. In December 2014, she made her acting debut in the film The Voices.

Born in Poitiers, Nova Foueillis-Mosé started modeling while still attending high school. After being scouted by Olivier Rousteing at 16, she quickly landed campaigns with brands like Balmain and Lululemon Athletica. In December 2014, she made her acting debut in the French film The Voices alongside Gaspard Ulliel and Claire Foy.

Who is Nova Foueillis-Mosé?

Nova Foueillis-Mose is a 21-year-old French fashion model who has quickly become one of the country’s most famous new faces. She was born and raised in Lyon, France, and started modeling at 16. She’s currently signed with IMG Paris and has appeared on the covers of magazines like Vogue and W magazine. Nova’s unique look – her striking eyes and long curly hair – has made her a favorite among fashion bloggers and Instagram users.

How did Nova Foueillis-Mose become famous?

Nova Foueillis-Mose is a young French model who has quickly become famous for her striking looks and unique style. After starting as a model in her home country, Nova soon began to gain worldwide recognition for her beautiful features and unique look.

Born in France to Algerian parents, Nova has always been drawn to fashion and beauty. From a youner age, she was interested in modeling and was encouraged by her mother to pursue her dream. After doing some research, Nova discovered that becoming a model could be a way to bridge the cultural gap between herself and her family.

Since starting as a model, Nova has quickly gained notoriety for her stunning looks and unique style. Her striking features and unique looks have made her one of the most sought-after models on the market today.

What causes the stunning appearance of Nova Foueillis-Mose?

Nova Foueillis-Mose is a 27-year-old Algerian woman who has recently become known for her stunning appearance. Her complexion is light and smooth, with a large amount of natural oil production that gives her skin a healthy glow. She credits her great appearance to traditional Algerian skincare products, which she says are better for your skin than mainstream Western products. Nova also practices yoga and meditation, which she says help keep her mind and body balanced.


Nova Foueillis-Mose has quickly become one of France’s most famous new faces, and for a good reason. She is stunningly beautiful, with a unique personality that sets her apart from other models. Her photorealistic paintings have caught the attention of some of the world’s top designers, who have chosen her to be their muse. If you’re looking for a model who will bring your runway look to life, Nova Foueillis-Mose is worth checking out.

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